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“A Kiss Is Big No-No,” Uzalo’s Nonka implores her followers to desist from kiss!ng her on the mouth

The actress Thuthuka Mthembu, who is known for her role in Uzalo, has made the decision to establish personal limits for herself as a result of the excessive behavior of some of her fans whenever they meet her in public.

Thuthuka, who is well-known for her part as Nonkanyaniso aka Nonka on the telenovela, has expressed her displeasure with the fact that some of her admirers kis her on the mouth when they get the chance to meet her in person.

During an interview with the Daily Sun, Thuthuka stated that she is put in an awkward position whenever one of her fans kises her on the mouth. She explained that this happens quite frequently.

“I have a tremendous fondness for all of my fans. On occasion, however, they force me into situations that are awkward for me. There have been multiple occurrences, including some of them going to the extreme of kising me on the mouth. This does not sit well with me at all,” stated Thuthuka.

“A Kiss Is Big No-No,” Uzalo’s Nonka implores her followers to desist from kising her on the mouth, stating that this is a major no-no.

Thuthuka issued a public call to her admirers, asking them to refrain from kising her when they see her in public since she stated that a kiss was a major no-no for her.

The actress has stated that she loves her supporters so much that she finds it quite difficult to correct them when they behave in such an excessive manner. She stated that she is afraid that if she tries to reprimand them, they will accuse her of being rude, so whenever a fan does something uncomfortable to her, she smiles and pretends that she is okay with it. She does this every time a fan does something uncomfortable to her.

“It is not easy to be celebrated. Additionally, individuals have a delicate relationship with celebrities. They have an easy time passing judgment on us. According to them, it is as if we are living on a whole different planet. Imagine having to tell a person who is excited to quit doing what they are doing. That could be construed as impolite or pretentious behavior. That is something that happens to me occasionally. I have to put on a happy front and seem as though nothing is wrong, even when the reality is extremely different.

According to Thuthuka, fans should be instructed on how to behave toward celebrities so that they do not cross the appropriate lines of conduct.

“In my opinion, fans need to be instructed on the appropriate way to behave toward celebrities. It’s not clear to me who should instruct them. However, kids should be aware that famous people are also subject to norms and have sentiments. I am quite aware that my devoted following is what keeps me going. They are the people I answer to as my superiors. “However, kids should be aware that we are required to behave respectfully toward one another,” she stated.

Nonka, a famous Uzalo actress, discusses her breakthrough role.

The young and brilliant actress Thuthuka Mthembu got her big break into the entertainment world in December 2018, when she secured a role on Uzalo, which is the most watched drama in South Africa. The actress, who is currently 23 years old, has stated that she did not always intend to work in the entertainment industry, but now that she is, she is fulfilling her childhood goal.

Nonka is a typical 18-year-old girl, and Thuthuka performs the role of her character in the show. This is my big break on TV, and the fact that it’s on the show that gets the most viewers in the country is an even bigger accomplishment.” Since I didn’t receive formal training in acting, I’ve found that the best way to improve my craft is to listen to and absorb the advice of my peers and those working in the entertainment industry. Nonka shared her thoughts, “I believe that as long as I am doing whatever it is that I love, I will be living my dream.” “I have been gifted with this role, and I think that as long as I am doing whatever it is that I love, I will be living

She mentioned that the entertainment industry is fraught with difficulties such as #OpenUpTheIndustry, but that for her, the most difficult difficulty is still getting acclimated to the prominence that she has gained. “Once upon a time, I was just a regular person, but today I have a lot of followers. The challenge for me was to learn how to adjust my personality to fit my social status and the things that are required of me in my job. This was a challenge because I had to learn how to fit my personality into my social status. A significant shift in the dynamic occurred when I went from having no interaction with anyone at all to being forced to interact with other people. She explained, “It’s something I’m still working on getting us to.”

Oprah Winfrey, Ava DuVernay, and Dawn Thandeka King are some of the titans of the entertainment world that Nonka looks up to. She believes that in order to thrive in the profession, one must always be willing to learn new things. “No matter what it is that you choose to do, there will always be people who criticize you. There will also never be a shortage of those who dislike you. She advised that all that was required was for one to be open to receiving constructive criticism and to rise to the occasion if one was confronted with a difficult situation.

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