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6 months after Riky passed on, here is how Bianca is carrying on

Bianca Naidoo, a widow, discusses how she has managed to make it through the past six months following the passing of her husband, Riky Rick.

The news of the rapper’s death left many people numb, shocked, and heartbroken when it was announced in February 2022 that he had committed suicide in the studio.

The surviving spouse of the deceased person recently discussed how she has been coping with the loss of her husband and how the children have been a source of strength for her. This came at a time when the deceased person’s family and friends are working through the grieving process.

6 months after Riky passed on, here is how Bianca is surviving
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Bianca has two children: a son named Maik who is eight years old and is the product of her relationship with the rapper, and a daughter named Jordan who is the product of a previous relationship.

Bianca naidoo

It’s true that some days are simpler than others. I am able to get through it because I have such an incredible support system around me, and the kids also provide me with a lot of strength. She explained, “On the days that I am not okay, I give myself permission to be not okay.”

6 months after Riky passed on, here is how Bianca is surviving

“I was very open about what happened to dad from the very beginning, from the very first day on. I talk a lot with children, and I listen a lot.” Now that they have gained the confidence to express themselves, they each process things in their own unique way. They are aware that, should they have any questions, they are welcome to come and ask them as well as discuss the matter, and I believe that both of them are there. The only thing that matters is that I am truthful,” she went on to say.

Riky Rick was a devoted member of his family and a beloved member of the community.

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