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21-year-old in prison for dropping down six thigh vendors

21-year-old suspect detained after six bodies were found in a building in Johannesburg

“A dashing young man who has recently gotten his hair cut.”

This is how a group of sx workers have referred to the 21-year-old suspect who was arrested on Sunday following the gruesome discovery of six bodies at a building in Johannesburg, all of which are believed to be those of sx workers.

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Several shaken employees of sx shared what information they had about the possible suspect.

One of the women has expressed her belief that she could have been one of the six people who passed away. She recalled her run-in with the suspect back in May and related how she narrowly avoided being murdered by him.

According to the woman, the man picked her up on Saturday around five o’clock in the evening at their location, which is where they operate and where they have security.

“I thought I got my ‘Ben10,’ and that perhaps he was craving an older woman. But it turns out I was wrong. “He claimed he was going to a hotel in Rosettenville, but when we got there he started slowing down,” she said, pointing at the intersection that was closer to the building.

The man reportedly asked the 49-year-old woman if she had a phone, but she responded that she did not have one at the time. After he began driving more slowly, she realized that they were not going to a hotel and informed him that she did not feel safe in that area. He acknowledged her concerns and continued driving.

She stated that she had grabbed the steering wheel of the vehicle, forcibly opened the door, and hurriedly gotten out of the vehicle while yelling and screaming.

“I suddenly became aware that there were no hotels in that area. She explained, “I screamed while I was running to the garage on the other side, and that is where I took a taxi.”

A young man is responsible for the switch in vehicles. He would drive in and out of the parking lot. When I found out that he is the one who is being investigated for having committed the crime, I was taken aback.

Car wash located nearby

She claimed that the person responsible for the crime was driving a vehicle with tinted windows, and ever since the incident, she has stopped working with clients who want to pick her up from that location.

“Keep in mind that at that point, he still hadn’t paid me. “I thought this young boy, maybe he is craving an older woman,” she said after describing how sweet and charming he was.

When she thought back on it, she realized that she might have been the first person to pass away.

The majority of SX employees who went to the building on Monday vouched for her account and gave indications that they believe the man arrested is the same person who has been threatening them for an extended period of time.

They stated that he would try to entice them by saying that he would take them to either his house or a hotel, and that he did not favor their location.

It was reported not long after that one of the Sx workers vanished.

Following that occurrence, there was peace for about a month, but then it resumed after that.

Another worker at the sex factory, age forty, reported that at first they didn’t understand how he operated until they noticed that the suspicious man started picking up women every Sunday.

Because he always used a different car, we had no way of knowing that it was the same person. There are a lot of people who were able to get away from him. She claimed that if you escape, you will return to find that you have been stripped of your clothing, money, and phone.

She described the suspect as “very cute” in her testimony.

A person who works at a car wash a few meters away from the building stated that he always saw the suspect entering and exiting the building.

“It was a young man who switched cars,” the witness said. He would drive in and out of the parking lot. “When I found out that he is the one who is suspected of doing it, I was surprised,” said the carwasher who did not want to be named.

“He did not speak at all. Perhaps he carried out these deeds in the evening when no one was looking out for him, as none of us had any suspicions. “We began to hear about it when they said one person was missing and had been seen here, and then we began to hear about the other bodies,” he said. “We don’t know what happened.”

Six dead women were discovered in the central business district of Johannesburg with their hands bound behind their backs.

Eyewitnesses have reported that the six victims who were found dead in a building in a semi-industrial neighborhood of the Johannesburg city center had been tied up before their deaths.

Another SX worker, age 37, stated that they desired justice and did not wish for the accused individual to be granted bail.

The woman who was a mother of two claimed that there were no job opportunities in the area and that her only source of income was working as a sex worker.

“It is very uncomfortable. Because it is possible that any one of us could be affected, we are demanding justice and therefore are not working today. “He needs to understand how much this hurts us,” she explained. “We don’t want him to get bail.”

The lone mother claimed that she was supporting both her child, who is 19 years old and lives in Zimbabwe, as well as her younger child, who lives with her in Johannesburg.

She said this in a hypothetical context, but she meant it literally. “It’s fine for him to raape me, but what is the use of killing me?” she asked.

“Why does he have to kill me? Who will take care of our children? It hurts because we know some of the people who were affected by this tragedy. She explained that “we worked with them.”

A member of staff at sx who was 42 years old reported that one of their coworkers hadn’t been seen for more than three months. From that point forward, they continued to hear accounts of sx workers being the targets of attacks on Sundays.

“When you don’t see someone you work with, you ask where she is, and by Wednesday, you realize that person has left the company. As soon as a person gets into a car on a Sunday, you can be certain that she will not be coming back. “That is a lot of discomfort,” she said.

The lady explained how she and her coworkers, who occupy End Street in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, would typically operate in order to keep themselves and their coworkers safe.

They would, in most cases, hand over one of their phones along with the money that had been paid in advance by the customer to a member of their team when the customer picked them up. They typically carry both a smartphone and a more compact phone with them at all times, and if they were to be picked up, they would take the more compact phone with them.

“The ringer on the small phone, which you are required to leave with them, continues for three days before turning off. It would appear that he did not even turn off the phones until the batteries were completely depleted. Because of this, we are under the impression that he is the same person. She explained that his method of operation was always the same: “When someone went missing and you tried to contact them, the phone would ring without being answered, and after three to four days, the phone would be off.”

She explained that she is traumatized, scared, and doesn’t trust any men, but she has to go back to work because she needs the money.

“We trusted him, and he gave you money before you left with him, but you won’t be coming back,” she told him. “We trusted him.”

Even though they believe the alleged suspect slowed down for about three weeks, but the killings started picking up every Sunday, she and her coworkers have been working in fear for the past three months. This is despite the fact that they believe the killings slowed down for about three weeks.

On Sunday, she and several other coworkers from sx went to the building where the bodies were found and discovered them. According to the account of one eyewitness, the women’s hands were found tied behind their backs when they were discovered.

When the bodies of the victims were found, they were all bound together. One of the bodies was discovered in a trash can, and the others were found underneath boxes. She explained that there was “one in the back of a van.”

According to another member of the SX staff, on Monday they went to the building in search of answers and to investigate why people were continuing to work as if nothing had happened.

A panelbeaters business has been operating out of the building for about a year now. According to information obtained by Celebgossip, prior to this, the premises were utilized for the production of work boots.

It is anticipated that the suspect, who has been associated with the panelbeating business, will make an appearance before the Johannesburg magistrate court on Tuesday.

According to the police spokesperson Brig Brenda Muridili, it was reported that the suspect was seen with the deceased woman on October 2 at eight o’clock in the evening.

“After that, she was never seen again, and her body wasn’t found until the following Sunday morning.” The missing person whose clothes she was wearing matches the description of one of the people who has been reported missing recently. “After questioning the suspect, the police went back to the building, and outside the building, where there is a makeshift workshop and garbage dumpsters, they discovered five more bodies,” she said. “It appears that this was a serial killer.”

She stated that the five bodies were in a late stage of decomposition and that they would be put through forensic analysis in order to determine their identities.

The suspect is being held on suspicion of six separate counts of murder.

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