Angolan Mya Jesus Calls It Quits with Husband Papito

Well, folks, it seems the fairy tale romance of Mya Jesus and Papito has hit a rather abrupt dead end. Just two months after their lavish wedding, the Angolan socialite has filed for divorce. And let’s not forget the plot twist that had social media buzzing—the glaring pay disparity between the lovebirds.

It was all rainbows and butterflies until Mya and Papito decided to unfollow each other on Instagram. As if that weren’t enough, Mya wiped their picture-perfect memories from her social media accounts. Ouch, talk about erasing evidence!

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Mya said “I do” to Papito, a man she had only known for about a month before their whirlwind engagement. They even made their lovey-dovey photos public a mere two months after tying the knot. Impressive timeline, right?

But here’s where things get messy. Rumor has it that Papito has quite the reputation for being a serial cheater. And boy, did he live up to it. Mya couldn’t bear the constant infidelity and the never-ending cycle of forgiveness. So, she decided to end it all and prioritize her sanity. Good call, Mya!

Of course, the internet wasted no time in sharing their hot takes. Some felt sorry for Mya, believing she deserved better. Others couldn’t resist speculating, suggesting that Papito might be more than just a husband—he could be her long-lost father. Yikes, talk about a plot twist!

Now, I don’t claim to be a relationship expert, but 22 to 59 is quite the age gap, isn’t it? Some wise souls out there pointed out that at 22, Mya’s mindset is still closer to 18, and well, let’s just say it takes a certain level of life experience to handle that age disparity. Who knows, maybe Papito just wanted a fling and now he’s ready to move on. The plot thickens!

Check out some of the reactions from social media when the two got married it now seems like it has come to pass;


More like marrying his daughter? When does this thing paedophilia start and who are accused of that? He might even older than her parents.

@Syrus Masuku;

It will end in tears


She’s married her ‘dad’

@Omega Chemhere;

Marriage of convenience. There is always an exit strategy. In this world, she has nothing to lose. Celebrities and socilites can move from one marriage to another each year and nothing will change in their everyday life.


This is great, she skipped all the unnecessary steps of mjolo the pandamic, f-boys, clubs, being played by a 25 year old, struggling with a hustler. Now she just gonna enjoy not having to work and giving this man some babies, she will remain with a low body count and live happy


She’s actually marrying for divorce… .. She’s won’t be long… Just like taking a nap 

In the end, we’re left wondering what Mya and Papito were thinking when they walked down the aisle. Was it love, lust, or simply a quest for financial security? Compatibility? Who needs that, right? But hey, let’s hope Mya finds her happily ever after with someone who can actually keep up with her fabulousness. Stay tuned for the next chapter, folks!

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