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Muvhango comes to an end

Muvhango comes to an end

Muvhango comes to an end.The cast of “Muvhango” revolts over unpaid salaries in “Muvhango Cameras Have Stopped Rolling.”

Onscreen, there can appear to be commitment and joy, but there is frantic turmoil going on behind the scenes.

According to reports, the cast of Muvhango has stopped working in protest of unpaid wages.

Muvhango comes to an end

The actors from the well-known TshiVenda production reportedly went on strike for the second time in three months since they haven’t yet received their pay, according to City Press.

The SABC 2 soap opera’s producer, Word of Mouth Pictures, fired CEO Mandla KaNozulu a few weeks ago for allegedly mishandling millions of rands.

The production met with the cast members last week to give them an update on the situation, a support staff member at Muvhango’s Johannesburg studios informed City Press.

Muvhango comes to an end

“Everyone has been informed that we will not be paid this month since there is no money. We were informed that our salary would be paid later and that there would be further delay since the SABC had not yet paid the business, which had an impact on our salaries.

The SABC delayed paying the production in November 2022, and the broadcaster acknowledged there was a delay in disbursing the payment at the time the cast and crew of Muvhango learned they wouldn’t be paid on payday.

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Some of the cast members, according to one actor, go from as far away as Venda in Limpopo to shoot sequences for the soap opera in Johannesburg. As their pay had not yet been paid, they were forced to abandon the filming and return home.

“No one has been paid, so we won’t be working this week. Because our salaries haven’t arrived, the Venda cast has dispersed, and no sequences have been filmed as a result. It can’t be that we are always told at the last minute, so we have requested them to let us know ahead of time when there are [money] concerns. We require advance warning so that we can properly plan for our families and other financial obligations.

Another employee claimed that Muvhango’s financial issues were brought on by KaNozulu’s poor management.

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According to a SABC investigation, KaNozulu stole more than R14 million from Word of Mouth Pictures.


Episode 4247, which aired on January 9, 2023

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Muvhango comes to an end

Episode 4257 for January 23, 2023

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Episode 4259 from January 25, 2023

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Episode 4260 for January 26, 2023

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Episode 4262 for January 30 in 2023

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Episode 4263 for January 31st, 2023

Azwindini is not entirely exonerated by Vhangani’s testimony. In the Motsamai home, Mme Miriam sets the rules. Tshifhiwa shows his sister some kindness.

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