MaYeni and Mseleku attack their son Mpumelelo after he planned to dump his two wives & marry a sweet virgin

Musa Mseleku and Mayeni Mseleku Oppose Mpumelelo’s Polygamous Ideals

In a recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu season seven, Musa Mseleku and his second wife, Nokukhanya “Mayeni” Mseleku, found themselves at odds with their son, Mpumelelo Mseleku, over his views on polygamy. The rift emerged when the 22-year-old, also known as a footballer and musician, expressed his desire for his first wife to be a virgin.

Mpumelelo currently shares parenthood with two partners: Vuyokazi Nciweni, with whom he has two children, and Tirelo Kale, with whom he shares one child. Despite his aspiration to embrace polygamy by marrying both partners, Mpumelelo’s stipulation regarding the virginity of his first wife stirred controversy within the family.

Mayeni Mseleku expressed her disapproval of Mpumelelo’s stance, emphasizing that he cannot impregnate his partners and then prioritize marrying another woman before them. She criticized his notion as unrealistic, asserting, “Mpumelelo’s crazy, like he’s telling us a fairytale, but I see he is clever like his dad. It seems he’s playing with these girls, and we won’t allow that.”

Echoing his wife’s sentiments, Musa Mseleku reiterated their stance, stating firmly that they would not permit Mpumelelo to marry a woman unknown to them. He emphasized the importance of honoring his existing commitments to both partners before considering further marriages.

“You can marry all of them, but if you’re saying you’ll marry a woman we don’t know first, we’ll have a problem,” Musa Mseleku asserted, emphasizing the need for Mpumelelo to fulfill his responsibilities towards his current partners.

Despite the parental opposition, Mpumelelo remains resolute in his beliefs. In a previous interview on The Venting Podcast, he clarified that his decision to embrace polygamy stemmed from his personal convictions rather than external pressure, particularly from his father.

“I love women. I would be lying if I said my father convinced me into being a polygamist. If I was doing it for my father, I would not be able to continue doing it. I am still going to continue,” Mpumelelo affirmed, asserting his independence in pursuing his chosen lifestyle.

Mpumelelo’s journey into polygamy has not been devoid of controversy, with past headlines featuring his involvement with singer Queen Lolly, who revealed herself as his “side chick.” Despite such controversies, Mpumelelo remains steadfast in his commitment to his chosen path, even as familial tensions regarding his preferences continue to simmer.

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