Manyonyoba Defeats Bishop Moloi

Moja Love recently introduced a new show called “Manyonyoba,” aiming to expose older individuals involved in inappropriate relationships with much younger partners. In a recent episode, the show targeted a 40-year-old Xhosa woman caught in a compromising situation with a younger man.

Surprisingly, when confronted by Bishop Julius Moloi and the camera crew, the woman remained unapologetic and showed no remorse for her actions. Instead, she confidently defended herself, stating that she had no intention of sleeping with the young man and had made it clear to him that he was too young for her. She even saw the exposure as an opportunity for positive publicity and refused to seek forgiveness, asserting her unapologetic character throughout the encounter.

Despite being confronted on national television, the Xhosa lady displayed composure and answered all of Moloi’s questions with ease. She expressed her refusal to engage in any inappropriate relationship with the young man, emphasizing that she values a man’s ability to provide for her, dismissing the notion of being involved with a much younger partner.

Notably, she stood her ground, unbothered by the situation, and even asserted her cultural identity by requesting that Bishop Moloi speak in Xhosa when addressing her, highlighting her unyielding nature throughout the encounter.

These are the most expensive shopping centres in South Africa

According to the 28th edition of Cushman & Wakefield’s report, “Main Streets Across The World,” Sandton City in Johannesburg has surpassed Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront as the most expensive shopping space per square meter in South Africa.

The report analyzed 462 top shopping streets worldwide, ranking the prime rental value of the most expensive locations in each country.

While New York’s Fifth Avenue, Paris’ Avenue des Champs-Elysees, and Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay retained their top three positions, Sandton City in Johannesburg emerged as South Africa’s priciest retail area at €1,106 (approximately R16,917) per square meter. This elevated Sandton City to the 38th most expensive retail area in the world, moving up one place from the previous year.

For comparison, the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town costs €959 (approximately R14,621) per square meter, and Eastgate in the East Rand costs €738 (approximately R11,249) per square meter annually. Sandton City’s monthly rent per square meter amounts to R1,500, while the V&A Waterfront costs R1,300, and Eastgate costs R1,000 per square meter per month.

As consumer demands for immediate gratification increase, brands must adapt to meet these multi-channel needs in an already competitive retail environment. Real estate owners are responding by broadening their tenant mix, increasing the share of Food & Beverage operators, and incorporating leisure elements.

In the global context, New York’s Fifth Avenue remains the world’s richest retail street, with space costing as much as $3,000 (approximately €29,065) per square foot annually. The rankings highlight the intense competition in the retail industry and the need for brands to stay adaptable and embrace technological advancements to cater to evolving consumer habits.

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