But why? He was a good actor, Molefe fired from House of Zwide

Molefe’s Status on “House of Zwide”: Debunking Rumors and Celebrating the Actor.

Recent speculations surrounding the departure of Motlatsi Mafatshe, the talented actor portraying Molefe in the popular television series “House of Zwide,” lack substantiated evidence as of the latest information. Contrary to rumors, Molefe remains a pivotal character in the series, actively participating in ongoing episodes.

Motlatsi Mafatshe, born in 1984 in Soweto, South Africa, has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since 2005. Beyond his acting success in films like “State of Violence” and “Sokhulu & Partners II,” Mafatshe is also a musician with an impressive portfolio of over 400 singles. His personal life, marked by a happy marriage to fashion designer Millicent Nkangane, adds to his widespread appeal.

As fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding developments in “House of Zwide,” they can find reassurance in the fact that Motlatsi Mafatshe, and by extension, Molefe, continues to be an integral part of the show’s narrative. Stay tuned for more updates as the series captivates audiences with its engaging storyline and talented cast.

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