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Minnie Dlamini’s Candid Interview Sparks Social Media Frenzy

In recent years, Minnie Dlamini has consistently captured the attention of the media with her whirlwind relationships, ranging from Itumeleng Khune to Quinton Jones. However, it was her recent appearance on DJ Sbu’s WAW What A Week Podcast that sent social media into a frenzy.

During the interview, Dlamini addressed the persistent rumors surrounding her relationship with Itumeleng Khune, putting the lobola speculation to rest. Once hailed as Mzansi’s power couple, Dlamini and Khune ended their romance in 2014. However, gossip mills continued to circulate rumors that their breakup was triggered by Khune’s alleged payment of lobola (bride price) for Dlamini. The couple had chosen not to directly address these daring rumors that had cast a shadow over their careers for years.

Dlamini, who had been relatively camera-shy about the high-profile affair, finally shed some light on the alleged lobola issue during the podcast interview with DJ Fresh. Contrary to popular belief, she revealed that the rumors were untrue and that their relationship was not as tumultuous as many had speculated.

Having dated for three years before parting ways, Dlamini has occasionally shared glimpses of her relationship with Khune in recent years. However, her latest interview has reignited public interest in her love life, prompting Mzansi to connect the dots and analyze her romantic journey that has often thrust her into the limelight.

It was just a year ago that Dlamini made headlines with the confirmation of her divorce from Quinton Jones after five years of marriage. Reports from SowetanLive indicated that the couple was headed for a split following a fallout. While rumors of infidelity plagued their marriage, both parties have vehemently denied such claims. The details surrounding their divorce remain unconfirmed.

Minnie Dlamini’s openness during the podcast interview has undoubtedly stirred up conversations and speculation among fans and followers. As the media personality continues to make waves, her personal life remains a topic of fascination for many, keeping her in the spotlight.


Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews, during which they must submit certified copies of all relevant qualifications and an ID copy. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applicants must mention the circular number and position number on the Z83 application form. The Department reserves the right not to fill any advertised posts. The advertisement will remain open for 12 months for production posts, subject to the availability of funding. The closing date for specific posts is July 14, 2023.


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