“Quinton Jones ancestors are working overtime” – Mzansi reacts after this happened to Minnie Dlamini

Minnie Dlamini, the renowned South African on-air personality, actress, and model, faced misfortunes recently, drawing much attention in Mzansi. Reports indicated that she allegedly encountered financial struggles, as her skincare products were taken off the shelves. Her once-promising company, launched in 2016, unfortunately faced closure due to noncompliance with tax payments, raising concerns about her financial stability.

Amidst these troubles, South Africans exhibited mixed reactions towards Minnie. While some criticized her for lacking marketing skills and dedication to her business, others seemed content with her hardships. Some even insinuated that her ex-husband’s ancestors were behind her downfall, seeking revenge for past wrongdoings. However, these claims remain speculative and unverified.

JOBS| Calling Future Leaders: Applications Now Open for Young Leaders Programme 2024

Overview of Democracy Alliance Young Leaders Programme 2024

The Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is a comprehensive political leadership and development initiative tailored for young South Africans aged between 18 and 35, who share the DA’s core values.

Empowering Future Leaders

Over the span of one year, participants in the YLP will have the opportunity to enrich their political acumen, critical thinking abilities, and communication skills.

Dedicated sessions on leadership and personal development will enable young leaders to better understand their own leadership style and developmental needs.

Additionally, they will be challenged to conceptualize and execute a leadership project, providing a unique chance to expand their influence, self-awareness, and emotional maturity, preparing them for national-level political engagement.

Traits of a Potential Young Leader

The Democracy Alliance seeks individuals who are already making a positive impact in their communities.

Young Leaders are recognized for their adherence to principled values and their dedication to personal growth and development.

They align their own principles with the DA’s liberal values, aspiring to contribute to a better South Africa by considering politics and government as viable career paths.

Innovators and dreamers, Young Leaders are never content with the status quo and continuously strive for excellence. They possess attributes such as:

  • Alignment with the DA’s vision of One Nation with One Future, rooted in the values of Freedom, Fairness, Opportunity, and Diversity
  • Profound knowledge and interest in South African politics and current affairs
  • Understanding of the DA’s principles and policies
  • Demonstrated leadership accomplishments
  • Initiating change and innovating beyond conventional roles
  • Strong argumentation and reasoning skills
  • Passion, determination, and confidence
  • Genuine motivation to actively engage in politics
  • High level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and maturity
  • Previous involvement with the DA

The Programme’s Structure and Commitment

The YLP is meticulously designed to cultivate a wide range of competencies, producing knowledgeable, articulate, emotionally intelligent, and resilient leaders capable of leading the DA at a national level.

The course runs part-time from February to November, allowing participants to balance their regular occupation while engaging in the program’s requirements.

It includes five weekend-long retreats and entails online workshops, assignments, meetings with mentors and leadership coaches, and the management of a community-based leadership project.

Eligibility for Democracy Alliance Young Leaders Programme 2024

The YLP welcomes all young South African citizens between 18 and 35, possessing a track record of exemplary leadership.

Eligible candidates should align with the DA’s vision and demonstrate their passion for making a meaningful impact in South Africa.

While international applicants are considered, they must be able to return to South Africa for the program’s commencement, with international travel costs not covered by the program.

Approximately 15-20 young leaders are selected nationwide each year to participate in this transformative journey towards becoming the torchbearers of a brighter future for South Africa.

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