Former Durban Gen’s On-Screen Lovers Spark Dating Speculations

Durban Gen’s On-Screen Lovers Spark Dating Speculations

Speculations have arisen about a potential real-life romance between Durban Gen’s Dr. Mbali and Dr. Lindelani, portrayed by actresses Nelisiwe Sibiya and actor Mike Ndlangamandla, respectively.

Former Durban Gen’s On-Screen Lovers Spark Dating Speculations

The internet buzzed as intimate pictures of the two surfaced on social media, leaving fans questioning if their on-screen chemistry had translated into an off-screen relationship.

The couple was spotted looking affectionate during an outing in Cape Town. Fans couldn’t help but admire their apparent closeness, hoping that their on-screen love story had indeed become a reality.

Former Durban Gen’s On-Screen Lovers Spark Dating Speculations

Mike had previously shared a picture with Nelisiwe, but his caption suggested a friendly outing between colleagues, while Nelisiwe herself has not given any indication of a romantic involvement with Mike.

Interestingly, Nelisiwe had been previously linked to gospel singer Ayanda Ntanzi, but their relationship reportedly ended around the time she took on the role of Dr. Mbali in Durban Gen. On the other hand, Mike’s relationship status has been relatively private since his separation from his child’s mother.


Apple, the renowned tech giant celebrated for its groundbreaking products, has embarked on a new venture into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing a project aimed at rivaling OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Bloomberg News reports that the company is making considerable headway in developing large language models (LLMs) through its custom framework known as Ajax. Additionally, Apple is quietly testing a chatbot, informally referred to as “Apple GPT,” according to insiders.

This move has attracted the attention of investors, leading to a 2% boost in Apple’s stock. Although Apple has been more discreet about its AI endeavors, refraining from explicitly highlighting them at events like the developer conference in June, other tech giants like Alphabet and Microsoft have openly embraced and integrated AI across their products and services.

Despite Apple’s subtle forays into AI with features like Apple Photos, on-device texting, and the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, experts in the industry believe that the company is still trailing behind its competitors in fully incorporating this transformative technology.

Even Siri, Apple’s once-revolutionary voice assistant, has struggled to keep up with the evolving capabilities of its AI counterparts over time.

To address this gap and catch up in the AI race, Apple has launched a new AI project, spearheaded by John Giannandrea, Apple’s head of machine learning and AI, and Craig Federighi, Apple’s top software engineering executive.

Their teams are diligently working to develop a virtual assistant powered by large language models. This AI assistant will possess the ability to summarize text, answer questions based on extensive training data, and is currently being employed for internal product prototyping.

Sources familiar with the matter liken this tool to other AI chatbots, such as Bard and ChatGPT, as it operates as a web application. However, Apple has not yet finalized a concrete plan for these AI tools, despite their promising advancements. Nevertheless, the company is gearing up to make a significant AI-related announcement next year.

Amidst intensifying competition in the AI domain, Apple is seeking to differentiate itself by offering innovative solutions that leverage its robust ecosystem of hardware, software, and services. By investing in cutting-edge AI technology, Apple aims to enhance user experiences and potentially revolutionize various industries.

In conclusion, Apple’s move into developing AI offerings similar to ChatGPT and Bard marks a significant stride for the company. This move showcases Apple’s commitment to AI innovation as it delves into building its own large language models and crafting a chatbot. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, the world eagerly anticipates Apple’s forthcoming AI-related announcement, which could shape the future of the tech industry.

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