Gogo Maweni Bitten by Her Snake: The Wrath of Eke Njaba

Renowned South African sangoma Gogo Maweni, known for her unique connection with snakes, shocked her followers when one of her serpentine companions bit her, leaving many in disbelief.

Gogo Maweni, a popular Sangoma in South Africa, regularly shares glimpses of her interactions with snakes, owls, and other creatures. Despite the recent snake bite, it appears she has had previous encounters with her serpentine companions, as hinted in the article.

In a recent Instagram video, Gogo Maweni showcased her bonding with a snake. However, this time, the news took an unexpected turn as she posted a picture of her hand with snake bites, expressing, “Snake bites 😫😫.”

Being a Sangoma involves unique challenges, as demonstrated by Gogo Maweni, from expressing love for her snakes to facing the perils of a snake bite. Nevertheless, she continues to fearlessly spend time with her pets, which include at least five snakes named Kaddafi, Escobar, and Zara.

Fans on social media expressed shock and concern after the revelation, with some humorously suggesting alternatives and others seeking information on first aid for snake bites. Gogo Maweni’s fearless approach to her pets continues to capture the attention and curiosity of many.

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