Remove Bad Luck with a Simple Bath: Eggs and 2 Ingredients

Struggling with bad luck in various aspects of life? There’s a simple “DIY” solution to remove Isichitho and bad luck from your life. Isichitho is a form of witchcraft where someone wishes for your failure and casts a spell to make everything go wrong. It can lead to negative treatment and hatred from others.

To break this curse, a professional spiritualist suggests bathing with milk and eggs. Some people have testified to its effectiveness. Many individuals find themselves stuck and unable to progress, facing financial or physical challenges due to Isichitho’s impact on their lives.

One lady shared her secret remedy, given by a prophet during her shopping trip, and attested that it worked like magic. So, if you’re seeking a way to rid yourself of bad luck, try this simple bath with eggs and two other ingredients.

Here’s what is happening in and affecting South Africa today:

Nersa headache for Eskom:
The Presidency is “very concerned” about energy regulator Nersa’s failure to grant all three licences for the National Transmission Company of South Africa (NTCSA).

Nersa approved the transmission licence application, allowing the new company to act as the transmission operator for the national grid, but has yet to make a decision on the trading and import/export licence applications.

The restructuring of Eskom’s transmission division into a stand-alone entity is an important step in liberalising the electricity market in SA and attracting private sector financing to upgrade and expand the transmission network. [MoneyWeb]

State security failure:
Transnet noted a sharp increase in syndicates that have targeted its lucrative crude oil pipeline, illegally tapping it to divert fuel. This has raised fears about the deterioration of security in the country, which has also affected rail infrastructure and Eskom, which could spell disaster for the economy if left unabated, said Sasol. [Business Day]

Eskom needs more money:
Updating the media on the status of the energy action plan on Sunday, Ramokgopa said Eskom needed a 325% increase in transmission infrastructure over the next 10 years, including 14,218 kilometers of circuit that needed to be built. He noted transmission projects would need close to R100 billion in the 2025 financial year and a further R170 billion in 2029. [Mail & Guardian]

Tshwane wage debacle:
The City of Tshwane won a court order to interdict an ongoing strike by municipal workers over wage increases that the city said it would not entertain. Samwu vowed to continue strikes on Monday (31 July) if their demands weren’t met. However, the city said the protest was declared unlawful and the workers were expected to resume their duties [702]

The South African rand posted strong gains on Friday (28 July) afternoon. “With major central banks expected to end their rate hikes and the global economy remaining resilient, the rand could be set for further gains ahead,” said Lloyd Miller, co-head of financial markets at ETM Analytics. On Monday (31 July), the rand was trading at R17.63/$, R19.41/€, and R22.66/£. Brent crude is trading at $84.40 a barrel. [Reuters]

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