Zodwa Wabantu breaks a man’s heart

Zodwa Wabantu’s actions have left a music promoter and club promoter feeling completely brokenhearted. And he is under the impression that everyone around him will never put their faith in him again.


According to the Benoni resident, who is 37 years old, he got in touch with Zodwa in October and inquired about the possibility of her performing at Mega Lounge in the Springs CBD on the 28th of that month.

Zodwa Wabantu breaks a man’s heart

“She replied yes and also added that she could need additional bookings as that night she doesn’t have much going on for her business.

I was able to persuade the owners of two additional clubs, one in Benoni known as Forex VVIP and another in Boksburg known as Broadway Pub, to book her for the same night,” he claimed.

DJ Dave estimated that the total revenue from all of these engagements was R22 000.

“I had agreed to pay her a total of R22,000 to perform at those three places, but she never showed up despite receiving the money from me. He explained, “She never answered any of my calls until today, and she never gave me a refund.”

He claimed that he is genuinely heartbroken over the circumstance due to the fact that the club owners no longer trust him.

He claimed that his children are suffering because he is unable to provide for them because people no longer book him to promote their clubs. He said that this has caused him to lose his job.

“I recognized her from a number of programs that both she and I had seen. These were the same shows. It is quite upsetting to me that she did not come to see my show. In 2018, I was once able to book her through the services of a male publicist.

“She turned there, and once the show was over, I got her personal number from her. We built a wonderful friendship, but I can’t trust her anymore because she betrayed it,” he stated.

DJ Dave has expressed his desire to receive the money that is rightfully his in order to fulfill his obligation to the club’s proprietors.

“I have the most amazing supporters ever. I’ve been working in this field for more than a decade at this point. My supporters have faith in me because I never let them down when I promise a show, but Zodwa came dangerously close to destroying my reputation with them,” he explained.

“I have wonderful connections with a large number of different musicians. I have never been treated in such a manner by an artist or performer in my entire life.”

DJ Dave has been quoted as saying that all he wants from Zodwa is for him to get his money back. Please, all I am requesting of Zodwa is for him to simply give back the money as soon as possible.

“The money isn’t mine, and the club owners are angry with me and want their money back,” he said. “The club owners want their money back.”

After being contacted by the publication for a remark, Zodwa stated that she would be willing to play for them this week provided that she has availability.

She expressed regret for being late to her performance and offered her apologies.

This week, Thursday and Friday are good for me to schedule something. She explained, “The weekend after next will be a hectic one for me because there is a holiday, and I have commitments left and right.”

“I am willing to make amends to the club owners and DJ Dave, who is responsible for promoting their events. Please convey my sincere regrets for the inconvenience I have brought to them. Zodwa responded by saying, “I will make it up to them.”

DJ Dave has said that he does not object to Zodwa making up the shows that she missed by playing them on another day.

“Provided that she is not fibbing about this and that she keeps the commitments she has made. He said, “This will make me pleased because it will restore the trust that my business partners have in me.”

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