Zama, and Babes Wodumo discuss the causes of their animosity 

The mother of Mampintsha, Zama, and Babes Wodumo discuss the causes of their animosity. In the second season of their reality show, Uthando Lodumo, Babes Wodumo, whose real name is Bongekile Simelane, and her husband Mampintsha, whose real name is Mandla Maphumulo, are offering a lot of juices.

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Zama, the mother of Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo, reveals the causes of their animosity.
Babes and Zama Gumede, her mother-in-law, have been very hostile to one another over the previous few months.

Zama, and Babes Wodumo discuss the causes of their animosity

Babes Wodumo gave an explanation for why she doesn’t get along with her mother-in-law: “I was wrong. I took those actions because I was in pain. It hurts to not be accepted by my in-laws. Their mothers-in-law adore other females and accept them. Never have I felt loved by my. Instead, I was confronted with a profanity-filled film,” she claimed.

Zamanguni, Mampintsha’s mother, claimed that by getting married without her, Mampintsha had disrespected her.

“I was very irritated. I experienced contempt. I am your mother, and you are my lone son. I should be treated with respect.

“She is not my friend. I am her in-mother. law’s She should have cursed at me on the phone rather than on social media, in my opinion. She was out of control, Zama continued.

Babes Wodumo’s mother-in-law rejected her as a result of Babes’ continuous insults, which exacerbated their already strained relationship. According to the Daily Sun, Zama Gumede, her husband’s mother, retaliated by entirely cutting off Babes after she allegedly started shooting at her.

The supposed unpaid Showmax bill for Zama and Mampintsha’s sister Pinkie, in addition to the fact that Zama dislikes and disapproves of Babes, is the main cause of this.

However, the argument flared up again when Babes allegedly wrote a contentious WhatsApp status criticizing her mother-in-law and her habits.

The publication states that the status is as follows: “I detest my mother-in-law because of this. She does a lot of drama and it’s all the sh*t she does.”

Babes reportedly promptly deleted the status. Zama, however, had already noticed it. She claimed that not only did she not like her, but she also detested the idea that her son had wed her.

Apparently adding, “Babes, is not wife material,” she said:

Even saying, “I don’t want to ever see her again because she abuses my son,” she said Babes abuses her son. She went on to add that their family was guarding their son against Babes.

She made it abundantly obvious that she does not want to interact with Babes and will never want to see her again.

It was recently revealed that Mampintsha had abandoned his family and no longer provided for them financially.

“He called and said I had slandered him in front of Showmax and the producers. He’s upset with me for exposing him. Because we’re envious of his success, he claims he doesn’t want anything to do with us, she claimed. He doesn’t buy me anything, therefore I don’t care “Added she.

The Gumede family has made it clear time and time again how much they loathe Babes. They even went so far as to claim that Babes never adhered to the correct traditional practices when getting married.

Zama, and Babes Wodumo discuss the causes of their animosity

“We reject Babes Wodumo as Mampintsha’s relatives. She is Mampintsha’s girlfriend, not our makoti. She is not Mampintsha’s legal wife, and we want people to know that “According to Daily Sun, Mampintsha’s sister allegedly said.

“Whenever we bring up this matter with her (Umembeso), she claims that her faith forbids her from engaging in or respecting Zulu culture. She is aware that Mampintsha is a traditional Zulu guy, which made her statement perplexing to us. She has demonstrated time and time again that she does not want to be a part of this family. Because of this, we are rejecting her and won’t ever place inyongo on her “Added she.

However, the two have revealed the cause of the animosity and drama, and the entire family is moving in the direction of peace and harmony.

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