Whose garage is more impressive, Somizi Mhlongo’s or Thembi Seete’s? That’s the topic of this week’s episode of “Show Off the Bling.”

Whose garage is more impressive, Somizi Mhlongo’s or Thembi Seete’s? That’s the topic of this week’s episode of “Show Off the Bling.”

Idols South Africa has been riding a wave of popularity in Mzansi ever since it was revealed that they would be replacing Unathi Nkayi and Randall Abrahams with a new judging panel. Idols is a reality singing competition that recently introduced Thembi Seete, JR, and Somizi Mhlongo as the judges of season 18. The viewers of Idols were curious to know which of the flamboyant judges, Somizi Mhlongo or Thembi Seete, had the best cars. JR was also interested in finding out who had the best cars. Fans are curious about whether or if the two celebrities also have the bling when it comes to their automobiles since they both have an amazing sense of fashion and have showed us some flames with their attire.

Mzansi has been blessed with the presence of Thembi Seete and Somizi Mhlongo on Idols, as the two stars are now causing a stir in the entertainment business with their hilarious feuds while filming together. Recently, the two individuals gave the impression to many others that they were rivals by fighting while being filmed. Everyone was taken aback by the news, but it was a cunning move on Thembi and Somizi’s part to ensure that fans of Idols South Africa would be riveted to their televisions for the next episode since it would pique their interest.

A look at the vehicles driven by Somizi Mhlongo and Thembi Seete

Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi has an ostentatious demeanor and a refined appreciation for fine autos. He does not feel the need to apologize for spending his money on luxurious and fast automobiles. He has a luxury lifestyle befitting the American ideal, as seen by the impressive automobile collection he maintains. A few of Somizi’s vehicles are shown here for your perusal.

Range Rover Sport- priced at R2.9 million

Somizi, a long-time judge on Idols South Africa, is the proud owner of a special edition of the most recent model of Range Rover Sport, which has a market worth of R2.9 million. The car has several very amazing features and a powerful engine.

Rolls Royce Phantom and Wraith automobiles, each of which is estimated to be worth R3.5 million and R5 million each.

Somizi has a fascination with Rolls Royce automobiles, and as a result, he has not just one but two of them. Mzansi has a new Rolls Royce Wraith, which he just acquired, and his old Rolls Royce Phantom, which he often uploads photos of on Instagram.

The Jeep Wrangler and the Lamborghini Urus have respective market values of R999,900 and R4.4 million.

Both a doorless white Jeep Wrangler and a Lamborghini Urus are among the famed entertainer’s collection of vehicles. In his garage, he keeps only the finest automobiles.

Mercedes Benzs and BMW i8

As a result of his position as a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, Somizi has been able to acquire both a Mercedes-Benz AMG63 and a Mercedes-Benz G350d for himself. He has reached the top of his league in terms of automobiles and wants to add more.

A Range Rover Sport owned by Thembi Seete and estimated to be worth R2.8 million.

Thembi Seete is one of many celebs that drives a Range Rover Sport automobile; she bought hers in 2021 and verified the purchase on her Instagram account.

The Lamborghini Hurricane has an estimated market value of R5.7 million.

The actress Thembi Seete is the proud owner of a Lamborghini Hurrican from the limited edition. It was also speculated on social media that her baby daddy, Collen Mashawna, had purchased her a Lamborghini Hurrican as a present for her.

Mercedes Benz E Class – valued at R1.2 million

Thembi, the newest member of the Idols South Africa judging panel, recently revealed on her Instagram that she has added a Mercedes-Benz E Class to her collection of automobiles. Thembi clearly has a passion for fits class automobiles, judging on the make-up of her vehicle collection. She will not accept anything less than the best.

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