Wedding or Divorce? Newlyweds’ photoshoot got people confused

The joining of two people who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together because of the love they share is one of the most beautiful things that can be witnessed during a wedding.

On the day of their wedding, people are typically very pleased, and in order to ensure that the memories of that day are not lost, they snap images that seem very nice.

Wedding or Divorce? Newlyweds’ photoshoot got people confused

On several social media platforms, there is now a photo that is going viral that depicts a couple on their wedding day. People started talking about the photograph after they noted that the pair appeared to be in a distressed state on the day of their wedding.

On the day of their wedding, rather than smiling and appearing joyous, they appeared downcast and very uptight. People’s interpretations of their images led them to conclude that the couple had most likely been forced into an arranged marriage, which is why they appeared to be in such a wretched state. “Happily never after. Have they been coerced into doing this? Someone on Twitter made the statement that “they both seem miserable.”

Wedding or Divorce? Newlyweds’ photoshoot got people confused

However, other people stated that even if they were happy, they came off as being dissatisfied because the cosmetics didn’t do them credit and didn’t bring out their best features.

Wedding or Divorce? Newlyweds’ photoshoot got people confused

Wedding Venues in South Africa: You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a location for your wedding in South Africa.

There is a wedding venue available to accommodate any aesthetic, from intimate coastal cottages to expansive wilderness lodges. The breathtaking scenery of the nation makes it a well-liked location for wedding celebrations due to the fact that it offers the ideal setting for such an important occasion.

The South African wedding venues combine a romantic antique elegant aesthetic with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. When attempting to determine where to hold an event, having so many different options available to choose from can be extremely overwhelming.

We have compiled a list of the top wedding venues that South Africa has to offer in order to make it simple for you to select the setting in which you will say “I Do.” If you’re looking for even more inspiration, have a look at this South African wedding shoot that was featured on BLOVED a while back.


A ceremony can be held outside among ancient oaks and a beautiful stream at Babylostoren, which makes it the ideal location for a wedding for the bride who is looking for a contemporary take on the rustic style.

There are three potential locations for weddings on the farm: the Old Cellar, the Wheat Barn, and the Studio. Your choice will depend on the type of setting as well as the number of guests. In the Old Cellar, you will find a dining area where you may have a meal in the style of a family gathering with vegetables that were grown on the farm. The Studio is a wonderful location for weddings that are more modest in size and more personal.

Locations Available for Weddings in South Africa: Babylonstoren, BOSJES ESTATE, and WORCESTER

Locations Available for Weddings in South Africa: Babylonstoren, BOSJES ESTATE, and WORCESTER

Because of its visually arresting architecture, Bosjes is a popular choice as a location for weddings in South Africa. The wedding chapel has a one-of-a-kind curving shape, and its walls are made of glass, which makes the experience inside completely unique. This architectural beauty serves as the ideal setting for both the ceremony and the photographs that follow it.

In the Bosjes Kombuis, you and up to one hundred of your guests are welcome to celebrate the conclusion of the ceremony with a reception. Enjoy a delectable meal here while taking in the natural splendor of the valley through the restaurant’s contemporary windows, which stretch from floor to ceiling.

Locations Suitable for Weddings in South Africa: BOSJES ESTATE

Credit for the photograph goes to Page & Holmes.


This wedding location gives you the best of both indoor and outdoor settings for your big day. On this blank canvas, which is located in the breathtaking Franschhoek vineyards and is situated just outside of Cape Town, you can create the wedding of your dreams.

The site gives couples the option of holding their wedding ceremonies either outside, among the vines, or inside, in their stunning glass function room. Both options put you in close proximity to the natural world and provide you the opportunity to craft your appearance according to your individual preferences and sense of style.

Instead of purchasing a pre-made wedding package, you have the option of customizing every aspect of your reception to reflect your unique preferences. This implies that you have a greater degree of control over the overall appearance, atmosphere, and cost of your wedding.

Franschhoek is located in South Africa.

This huge wine property on the fringes of Somerset West, which is located just outside of Cape Town, provides the traditional atmosphere of a vineyard for wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can choose to have your wedding ceremony outdoors on the lawns or inside in the chapel at Pine Loft, depending on your preference.

You have the option of holding your reception in either the contemporary barn in the countryside or on the grounds. In the Tuscan Villa on the property, you and your bridesmaids may get ready for the big day while the barn on the property can accommodate up to 125 guests.

Locations Available for Weddings in South Africa: Highberry Farm, Bakenhof Winelands Venue, Wellington

The Bakenhof Winelands vineyard setting has a chapel and a beautiful reception hall, both of which are located on the premises and are easily accessible from Cape Town. The chapel, which serves as the primary focus of this location, features an aesthetic that contrasts sharply with the flowing, natural beauty of the vines that surround it.

Celebrate with delicious food that is sourced locally and prepared specially on the premises for your guests. At Bakenhof, it’s all about amazing flavors that are presented beautifully. Couples have the option of customizing their experience to their liking, even though the packages have already been arranged.

Weddings in the Bakenhof, South Africa

The lovely Khaya Ndlovu Manor House provides the opportunity to have a wedding ceremony in the Rietspruit Big Game Reserve as well as the experience of having everything necessary for a safari wedding taken care of for you. The staff and the planners will make sure that every aspect of your day, from the location to the menu, is exactly what you want it to be.

You can hold your wedding ceremony on the terrace that looks out over the Klein Drakensberg mountain range and has expansive views of the surrounding area. Then have your wedding reception outside in the open air and spend the evening of your dreams beneath the stars by having it in the middle of the woods.

BUFFELSDRIFT GAME LODGE, OUDTSHOORN Khaya Ndlovu Manor House, South Africa

You would not think of a desert as the ideal setting for a wedding, but the Buffelsdrift Game Lodge, which is located in the Klein Karoo, will make you rethink that assumption. A quaint chapel perched on the brink of a natural watering hole can be found at this location for weddings. You can even select a package that comes with elephants standing by as witnesses to the ceremony. A balcony that extends from the chapel provides space for additional guests who can raise a glass in honor of the happy couple as the sun sets over the Swartberg mountains.


The chapel at Lake Eland Game Reserve was originally a stone dairy, and it has been wonderfully rebuilt so that it can now serve as a location for really rural weddings. The area around the lodge, which is perched on a hill, is home to antelope and zebra, and also offers views of the surrounding wildlife reserve.

The banquet hall has a view of a little dam and is large enough to accommodate 320 guests. The wooden ceilings continue the rustic aesthetic established in the chapel, and there is also a deck that serves as the ideal setting for group photos and cocktails before dinner.

Lake Eland, located in South Africa
The PALALA Boutique Game Lodge is located in Groblersbrug.

A wedding in the bush, with an emphasis on privacy, can be arranged at the Palala Boutique Game Lodge for those with a more opulent sense of style. The ceilings in the chapel are rather high, and there are glass windows that go all the way up to the ceiling and gaze out over a giant baobab tree.

Canapés and pre-event refreshments can be served on an island in the center of a lake before guests are ushered into the Oryx ballroom for the reception, which can accommodate 160 guests seated at tables.

Because it is a refuge of refinement and luxury, newlywed couples will gravitate for the honeymoon suite that is offered at no cost and is distinctively furnished. It offers breathtaking views of the surrounding forest in every direction. On the day of your dreams, the staff at this opulent bush wedding venue will make the most precious memories possible for you.

Locations Suitable for South African Weddings: Palala Game Lodge

The Botlierskop Private Game Reserve is one of the bush wedding locations that offers the greatest degree of versatility. You have the option of holding the ceremony on the banks of the river that runs through the park, on the lawns beneath a marquee, or under an arch in the blazing African sun.

The reception is held in the primary building of the reserve and features a traditional meal in the style of a safari buffet. Some of the options for the meal’s meat are native to South Africa, such as kudu and crocodile. You and your friends can wear themselves out on the dance floor before retiring to one of the luxurious tented lodges that are spread out across the gorgeous wildlife reserve.

Botlierskop, in the country of South Africa

This is the ideal location for a wedding in a large metropolis. The Living Room can be found at the very center of the exciting Maboneng Precinct in the most populous city in South Africa. It provides you with a reprieve above the hustle and bustle while yet allowing you to experience the adrenaline of the city thanks to its breathtaking views of the Johannesburg skyline.

You can host both your wedding ceremony and reception in this laid-back and urban rooftop jungle setting. In addition to having the capacity to host between 100 and 220 people, they also have a lovely guesthouse and provide wedding services, making them a convenient one-stop shop for engaged couples.

The Stools in the Living Room South Africa

Rooftop on Bree provides a wedding location that makes advantage of the city as a background for the ceremony. Its location in the middle of the metropolitan center of Cape Town affords guests vistas of the world-famous Table Mountain that are unparalleled. You can have your ceremony out on the balcony, with the view of the city in the background.

The almost entirely white area functions as the ideal canvas upon which to paint the wedding of your dreams. The retractable roof provides you with the flexibility to have your event either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

South African Rooftop View from Bree

It is common knowledge that the famous Oyster Box Hotel is among the finest locations in South Africa for weddings. This venue is all about providing personalized events, starting with the involvement of a wedding planner from the very beginning. The reception is traditionally held in this lavish location, which features hand-blown Venetian chandeliers and all-white furnishings and can accommodate up to 130 guests. Traditionally, the couple exchanges their vows in the garden beneath a Victorian gazebo before heading into the reception. These finishing touches create an appealing ambiance without the need for extensive color palette consideration throughout the space.


This wedding location is perfect for you if you want your venue to have the feel of a storybook romance when guests arrive. This beautifully refurbished home was built in the 20th century and is located in the heart of the vibrant city of Johannesburg. It features an on-site chapel, a glass marquee, and a grand hall. You have the option of doing the wedding outside in the garden or within the chapel, which boasts beautiful stained-glass windows and an airy, open atmosphere.

There are two venues available for the reception: the glass marquee and the great hall. If you are interested in having your wedding outside but want some protection from the elements, a glass marquee is the perfect solution for you. The grand hall is the place to be if you prefer things to be done in a more conventional manner.

Gardens of Shepstone, located in South Africa
ZEITZ MOCAA, in the city of Cape Town

It is an unusual choice to have a wedding inside of a museum; but, having the ceremony atop a museum is even more extraordinary. This stunning piece of architecture can be found near the Waterfront on the outskirts of Cape Town, and it serves as a contemporary backdrop for wedding ceremonies.

You can hold your ceremony on the rooftop patio, with guests seated on the glass ceiling that covers the top of a repurposed grain silo, with Table Mountain visible in the distance. The Ocular Lounge and Events Space, which is handled by the Zeitz MOCAA Events team, is the ideal site for hosting receptions since it offers breathtaking views of the city as well as unmatched furnishings that give the space a contemporary atmosphere.

ZEITZ MOCAA DREAM SEASIDE WEDDING CANELANDS BEACH CLUB, DURBAN are some of the wedding venues available in South Africa.

The Canelands Beach Club is the place to hold your wedding if you have your heart set on having a ceremony on the sand. Before proceeding to the restaurant for the reception, you and your guests can take part in an intimate ceremony on the beach.

The wedding packages that are now available are all-inclusive and designed with the guests of destination weddings in mind; additionally, they come with the exclusive use of the entire hotel. For a more formal setup, it can accommodate up to one hundred guests, while a more relaxed drink option can accommodate even more people.

Canelands Beach Club in Durban Tinswalo Atlantic in Cape Town Canelands Beach Club in Cape Town

Tintswalo Atlantic is not your typical beachfront location for a wedding ceremony and reception. You choose to exchange your promises on the rocky shoreline below Chapman’s Peak as opposed to writing them in the sand. This venue is a secret enclave, and it features its very own miniature paradise.

You can hold your reception either within the lodge that was built along the slope of the mountain, or outside on the deck that overlooks the ocean. The location places an emphasis on personalization and going above and beyond to fulfill the expectations of each couple for their ideal wedding.

Tintswalo Atlantic, De Hoop Nature Reserve, and Overberg are some of the wedding venues in South Africa.

The De Hoop Private Nature Reserve offers all the amenities necessary for a successful destination wedding. Relax while you and your guests take in the breathtaking panorama, knowing that everything from setting up the event to making the necessary preparations has been taken care of for you.

Your wedding can take place either next to a stunning vlei (which is Afrikaans for “shallow lake”) or beneath a towering fig tree, giving you access to the most exquisite examples of natural beauty. The food offers a taste of the region’s traditional specialties, making for an authentic South African experience.

Locations for Weddings in South Africa: the De Hoop Nature Reserve Africa, South

One of our favorite South African wedding locations can be found along the Wild Coast, and it’s right on the water in the gorgeous Eastern Cape. You can have all of the benefits of a wedding on the beach by holding the ceremony on the grassy terrace with the sea serving as the backdrop for your vows. This way, you won’t even have to step foot on the beach.

The Venue provides a wonderful neutral backdrop that you can use to showcase your own personal style during the reception. In a space that can accommodate up to 120 guests and provides a plated lunch service, you may sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of those who have traveled to be a part of your special day’s festivities.

Locations for Weddings in South Africa: The Morgan Bay Hotel in South Africa

This wedding site is the ideal getaway among the sand dunes, and it’s located up the Garden Route. This location is a beach wedding dream come true because it is nestled directly into the sand dunes. You have the option of holding the ceremony on the sand itself or on a cliff top above the beach with a view of the expansive stretch of sand.

You can host the reception on top of a dune with panoramic views for as many as 150 guests, giving you the opportunity to dance the night away to the sound of the waves smashing below. The location is adaptable, and guests can choose from a variety of catering and beverage options, ranging from a cozy cocktail to an elegantly served dinner.

Locations Suitable for Weddings in South Africa: Brenton Haven

The Emily Moon River Lodge is more “riverside” than “seaside,” but we just couldn’t leave it off of this list. Couples who are looking for a chic venue that is full of African character and has breathtaking views will find this boutique hotel in Plettenberg Bay to be an excellent option. It is located on the banks of the Bitou River and has a quaint and quirky atmosphere.

This breathtaking wedding venue has the ability to accommodate up to one hundred seated guests, and it has two on-site venue options (The James Room and Emily’s Restaurant) that can accommodate both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Additionally, there is accommodation on-site. Elopements are another area of expertise for Emily Moon (limited to a maximum of six people).

Credit for the photograph goes to Page & Holmes.

We really hope that you’ve had as much fun looking through our selection of South African wedding venues as we’ve had putting it together for you. It is truly one of the most magnificent nations in the world, and if you haven’t been there before, it should be at the very top of your list of potential locations for your destination wedding if you haven’t already.

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