Uzalo’s Nkunzi bitten by vicious dogs

HE MIGHT HAVE HAD A Difficult Upbringing, but He Has Turned His Awful Childhood Suffering Into A Positive Influence.

HE MAY HAVE GROWN UP IN A POOR ENVIRONMENT WITHOUT PRIVILEGES, BUT HE Masoja Msiza, an actor and author, not only entertains audiences on television, but he also goes to schools to inspire and encourage young people.

His upbringing serves as a source of inspiration for his motivational talks.

On Uzalo, Masoja is well-known as the terrifying Nkunzi, and he has the ambition to instill positivity in the minds of young creatives.

“I don’t go around schools trying to motivate kids just because I think they can’t think for themselves or plan for their future. Rather, I’m doing this to add on the positives that they dream about and want to achieve for themselves,” she said.

“What I’m trying to get across to them is that there are no limits to what they can become. They don’t need to come from the same place that I did in order to become famous and celebrated like me. “They can’t look down on themselves,” Masoja emphasized.

The actor, now 57 years old, said that his upbringing was difficult and painful. He was raised in KwaThema, which is located in Johannesburg. He said he once went door-to-door, selling steel wool.
However, unfortunately, dogs attacked him and bit him multiple times.

“I have wounds on my body from dogs biting me. But whenever I look at these wounds, I’m brought back to the arduous journey that I’ve been on. They are a powerful tool for inspiring children. In addition to that, when I speak to them, they pay attention,” explained Masoja.

Efforts are currently being made to prevent the keeping of pit bulls as pets in South Africa

Efforts are currently being made to prevent the keeping of pit bulls as pets in South Africa

After multiple attacks involving pit bulls were reported in South Africa in 2022, the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation has issued a call for an immediate ban on the keeping of pit bulls as household pets in the country.

The recent attack in which a 10-year-old boy was killed by his family’s two pit bulls in Nelson Mandela Bay has necessitated this call. The attack took place in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The foundation is also responsible for starting an online petition to outlaw the breed, which has received more than 20,000 signatures since it was started.

According to the foundation, “These attacks continue unabated, and we cannot continue to lose young people like Storm Nuku and innocent civilians to these vicious dogs who have repeatedly shown that they are not suitable to be kept as pets.”

Several nations, including Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, as well as others, have outlawed the ownership of this breed of dog or placed restrictions on its importation, and in some cases both. Sizwe Kupelo, who established the foundation and serves as its patron, has made a plea to the government of South Africa to take similar action.

However, Lehanda Rheeder, who is the spokesperson for the pit bull Federation of South Africa (PBFSA), stated that despite the fact that pit bulls have an inherent temperament, the fact that any dog can be aggressive toward people is not a problem with the breed but rather with people themselves.

In an interview with SAfm, Rheeder stated that “dogs have been bred historically for certain functions,” and while the pit bull is one of many dog breeds that have been bred to have an aggressive temperament, it was intended to be towards other animals – not humans.

She went on to say that the problem arises when that aggressive tendency is targeted towards humans by other humans, whether it be through training to become a guard dog or for dog fighting, which is still prevalent in South Africa.

According to Rheeder, “Dogs such as the American pit bull terrier, among others, are more likely than not to be loving and loyal pets if it is bred and kept in an environment that is both sound and stable.”

Kupelo believes that a pit bull cannot be considered a domestic pet, contrary to Rheeder’s viewpoint. Pit bulls should not be among the breeds that South Africans are allowed to own, according to Kupelo, who noted that there are many other breeds available.

The argument put forward by people who like pit bulls that it all comes down to how the dog is raised is not valid. Pit bulls have been responsible for the attacks and deaths of a significant number of people, including joggers, as Kupelo pointed out.

In order to stop the breeding of pit bulls and ensure that “we do not have more of these vicious dogs,” the Pit Bull Federation recommends that all existing pit bulls be castrated or sterilised.

Pit bulls, boerboels, and rottweilers were some of the breeds that were recommended to be licensed by Kupelo as potential candidates for such regulations.

He went even further by suggesting that the police department be given all of the remaining pit bulls so that they can be used in the K9 unit of the police department.

It is high time for the government of South Africa to take some decisive action. According to the foundation, “We cannot continue sending out messages of condolence for something that can easily be prevented.”

“We are calling on other animal lovers and organizations to make similar calls to put more pressure on the government to ban these vicious animals as soon as possible,” the statement continued. “We are calling on other animal lovers and organizations to make similar calls.”

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