#UthandoNesthembu: Musa Mseleku’s daughter, Sne’s unplanned pregnancies worry fans

#UthandoNesthembu: Musa Mseleku’s daughter, Sne’s unplanned pregnancies worry fans. The fact that Sne Mseleku has had many unplanned pregnancies at such a tender age is starting to raise some serious red flags. The viewers are also reminded that, in the episodes that came before this one, it was shown that Sne Mseleku had been the victim of sxual assault, which may have been the result of her hypersxuality.

It is unknown whether or not viewers first placed the blame for Sne’s repeated pregnancies on both Musa Mseleku and MaCele. However, there are people who bring up the fact that Sne Mseleku was a victim of sxual assault when she was a child. Which may be due to the fact that Sne is afflicted with hypersxuality.

According to africacelebs Musa will kick her daughter of the house because of she can’t manage to close her legs to boys who want to penetrate her.

#UthandoNesthembu: Musa Mseleku’s daughter, Sne’s unplanned pregnancies worry fans

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Wikipedia describes this condition as either hypersxuality disorder or sxual addiction. is an excessive preoccupation with sxual fantasies, desires, or actions that are difficult to control, give you anxiety, or negatively influence your health, employment, relationships, or other aspects of your life in a negative way. It is possible that the traumatic experience of Sne Mseleku having been sxually raped at a younger age is the root cause of this condition.

Asante Chiliza wrote, “You know, after hearing that sne was raped as a child it changed the way I’d received her having all these babies. It could be that she is battling with Hyper sxuality which is a rape trauma response. I feel terrible that she’s had to go through that, she needs help.” After hearing that sne was raped as a child, it changed the way Asante Chiliza received her having all these babies.

You should know that after I found out she had been sxually abused when she was a youngster, it altered the way I viewed her having so many children. It’s possible that she’s dealing with hypersxuality, which is a response to the trauma of having been raped. I can’t believe she’s been forced to go through that; she definitely needs some assistance with #Uthandonesthembu.
The 10th of November, 2022 — Asante Chiliza (@Asante Ayanda)

A growing number of people believe that there is more to the story of Sne Mseleku than initially appears to be the case. They have used the space provided for comments to share some of their thoughts about what they believe to be the fundamental reason for Sne Mseleku’s behavior, and they have also provided some suggestions for how she can be helped.

“yes, but akaJove or use pills, IUD, implant, something, anything. she also has to help herself while she waits for external help. 3 kids oe,” wrote Adyingwaste. “yes, but akaJove or use pills, IUD, implant, something, anything.”
yes, but you can also utilize akaJove or you can take pills, get an IUD, or have an implant. While she waits for assistance from outside sources, she is equally responsible for assisting herself. 3 kids oe
— The upcoming arrival of Onika’s child (@Adyingwaste) November 10, 2022
Noks Khumalo advised, “Family planning then, and live your best life, Sne,” in an article he penned.
Then, make plans for your family, and have the time of your life Sne.
November 11, 2022 Tweet from Noks Khumalo (@Philie k)

After a heated discussion with MaCele, during which Sne Mseleku repeatedly rejected rumors that she was expecting her third child, it was determined that Sne Mseleku was actually pregnant. The pressure eventually got to be too much for Sne Mseleku, and after that she came clean and admitted that she is, in fact, pregnant. This came about as a result of MaCele’s dogged pursuit of the matter after she was informed of it by a person who was close to Sne Mseleku.

The fact that Sne Mseleku yelled at MaCele in a furious manner, “you don’t just ask to fall pregnant,” was the thing that rubbed the viewers the wrong way.

“Not Sne saying to MaCele, ‘You don’t just ask to fall pregnant.’ What was she thinking every time she had unprotected sex?” wrote Nolali. “Not Sne saying to MaCele, ‘You don’t just ask to fall pregnant.'”

Not Sne telling MaCele, “You don’t just ask to fall pregnant,” which is what actually happened. What was going through her mind each time she engaged in sexual activity while she was unprotected? #Uthandonesthembu picture from Twitter:
— 👠Nolali👠 (@Amza 5) November 10, 2022
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