Uber driver reveals what Dr Mbali did in the car

Nelisiwe Sibiya appears to be the kind of person who commands attention wherever she goes; just recently, she left awe in the heart of an Uber driver. Since she was cast in the role of Dr. Mbali on the television show Durban Gen, she has received even more attention and popularity, and as a result, she is accustomed to receiving compliments no matter where she goes.

On her page, Nelisiwe was laughing off the situation and showing her followers and supporters how people react to her when they see her in person. She is seen in the video looking absolutely stunning wearing a white dress with feathers, wearing lovely silver jewelry, and having her makeup done so beautifully that the Uber driver was so impressed.

She posted the video to her Tik Tok page. It was heard over the phone that the Uber driver, who she did not show, was remarking that he was hanging out with the “big girls.” The driver called his girlfriend to brag that he was driving around Nelisiwe Sibiya and was completely in awe of how beautiful the celebrity was, which is why he said what he said. He went on to say that he was driving around Nelisiwe Sibiya and that he was in complete awe of how beautiful she was.

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She mentioned attending a baby shower in the caption of the photo she posted online. However, based on the reaction of the Uber driver, it would appear that she was inappropriately attired for the event; in fact, it’s possible that she overdressed even more than the person whose baby shower it was.

Since she was cast in the role of Dr. Mbali Mthethwa on Durban General, Nelisiwe has been featured prominently in the media. Due to Nelisiwe’s recent rise to fame, her followers are interested in learning more about her personal life. In the movie Durban Gen, the actress plays the role of a second-year intern who develops feelings for her senior. In spite of the fact that Mbali is engaged to another man, she is having an affair with Dr. Zulu.

However, after the death of her husband, she begins to put herself first and, despite the challenges, she looks for a relationship with the man she has always desired. Then, despite her best efforts to behave in a manner that won’t put other people in danger, she causes a lot of friction in her real and potential marriages.

Since she was eight years old, Nelisiwe had the ambition to become a singer. This was a long time before she became a well-known actress. Her sister encouraged her to get better as a singer and helped her get her career started off on the right foot. The beginning of Nelisiwe’s career in television was the creation of the theme song for the show Lockdown. After that, she was cast in a brief appearance on the show, which served as her introduction to the world of television.

The breakup of Nelisiwe’s relationship almost had a negative impact on her professional life. When she broke up with her boyfriend at the time, her music contract expired, but Durban Gen came through for her in the nick of time. She became more self-assured after being offered the role of Durban Gen, and as a result, she began behaving more like a significant figure. After securing her first significant role in a television show, the actress was able to launch a successful career.

In South Africa, Uber Eats opens up new revenue opportunities for the company’s drivers.

In South Africa, Uber Eats has announced that it has formed a partnership with delivery bike media owner MotionAds in order to offer delivery drivers the opportunity to generate additional revenue through the use of top box advertising.

Delivery people working for Uber Eats in more than seven cities will have the option, beginning in June 2022, to have the top box of their delivery bikes branded by MotionAds. The branded bikes will hit the streets at that time. According to the food delivery app, the addition of revenue generated from these brand placements is anticipated to increase their net earnings by approximately 10%.

It was stated that as a result of this, delivery people will have access to a new source of revenue, which is especially important considering the inflationary pressures that come with the cost of running their businesses. “Because the success of our platform is contingent on the success of our delivery people, we are thrilled to be working with MotionAds. According to Charles Mhango, head of operations for Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber Eats, “Our commitment to delivery people is to continuously find ways to help them maximize their earning potential by helping them get the most out of their time on the road.”

MotionAds offers companies a solution in the form of a “moveable billboard,” as well as digital reporting on the movement of the bike and in-home flyer drop campaigns.

“When it comes to advertising, delivery people provide companies with an effective new channel to advertise their products. They have exclusive access to the dining table, and given the amount of time that bikes spend on the road, brands reap the benefits of the significant exposure that they generate. According to the findings of our research, one bike receives an average of 300,000 ‘eyeballs’ every month, as stated by Elan Band, co-founder of MotionAds.

Uber has stated that its commitment goes beyond simply enhancing the opportunities for earning money. The protection of those who make deliveries continues to be one of our highest priorities, and we offer a number of safety features that can assist delivery companies in meeting this goal. In-App private emergency assistance button, a helmet detection and safety checklist, and in-app support available around the clock are some of the features that are included in this application.

In addition, delivery people are covered by Partner Injury Protection, which is offered by AIG Insurance and begins as soon as a delivery request is accepted. This protection is provided to delivery people.

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