Thobeka Majozi and Cassper Nyovest heading for breakup

It would appear that Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi are getting closer to ending their relationship.

Despite the fact that they did not let anyone know about their relationship, the two of them have accomplished a lot together. Nevertheless, after the birth of their son Khotso, everybody was able to see them.

Thobeka Majozi and Cassper Nyovest heading for breakup

The couple continued to conceal the fact that they were romantically involved even after the birth of their first child. Nevertheless, it is clear from their posts and the other content they share on social media that they are still deeply in love with one another.

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Cassper and Thobeka, also known as Bexx, gave us every reason to believe that they had ended their relationship over the past weekend. Below, you’ll find further discussion on this topic.

Bexx announced in a video that she had recently undergone a haircut, which she shared with the world on October 2, two days before her 30th birthday.

A woman in South Africa is said to have entered a new phase of her life or begun a new life when she cuts her hair. It almost always indicates that she has ended her relationship with her boyfriend or girlfriend. After DJ Zinhle’s breakup with AKA, she decided to get her hair cut.

The fact that Cassper did not acknowledge her birthday in any way, shape, or form is yet another indication that the two of them are no longer together. We are aware that he recently prevailed over Priddy Ugly in a boxing match, but we also know that the rapper is an outspoken lover who enjoys posting about his son, friends, and other people who are important to him.

Mufasa celebrated Thobeka’s birthday in public the year before, but this year he has been completely silent about it, and he hasn’t even commented on any of her Instagram posts to mark the occasion.

Although Majozi has a reputation for being private, she does occasionally reveal information on her Instagram stories, some of which pertain to Cassper. Despite this, she did not promote his boxing match at all.

We are aware that they are in a relationship, but the fact that neither of them is communicating with the other gives the impression that the relationship is coming to an end.

Despite this, they continue to follow one another on Instagram.

Mzansi is impressed with both Thobeka Majozi’s net worth and her house. She is wealthier than Cassper Nyovest.

When it was revealed that hip hop artist Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi were expecting a child together, the news sent shockwaves through the South African nation. Because of the birth of their son Khotso, Thobeka was thrust into the public eye, and Mzansi began to speculate about her professional endeavors and sources of income. Cassper and Thobeka were successful in keeping their relationship out of the public eye on social media up until Thobeka became pregnant. Cassper Nyovest admitted in an interview with Slikour that, prior to the two of them beginning their relationship, he had been pursuing Thobeka for a considerable amount of time.

“I have known her for a very long time, but at the time, I was a player and there were many women around me,” she said. Because of my wealth and celebrity status, many ladies found me attractive. It was difficult for me to convince her to listen to what I had to say; she is not impressed by fame or money; she is rich in her capacity and much richer than I am.

Businesses Owned by Thobeka Majozi and Her Current Net Worth

Thobeka Majozi, who is now thirty years old and comes from a family with five other children, was born in Durban. She went to high school at St. Mary’s and received a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Investments and Corporate Finance from Wits University.

Businesses Owned by Thobeka Majozi and Her Current Net Worth

Thobeka, who refers to herself as Rich Aunty, is a serial entrepreneur who has business interests in the fields of fashion and design, real estate, and business consultancy. Thobeka Majozi is a member of the wealthy Majozi family, which has a variety of business interests including mining, retail, and cattle ranching. Despite the fact that she has amassed wealth in her capacity, she comes from a wealthy family.

In spite of the fact that she dresses in designer clothes and wears designer accessories, Thobeka chooses to keep her vibrant and wealthy life private. Her wealth is estimated to be more than R 52.5 million in 2022, and she is the proud owner of a fleet of luxury automobiles that includes some of the most expensive sports and executive vehicles in all of celebrityville.

When asked about her wealth, Thobeka Majozi reveals that she is grateful for everything that has occurred in her life, both spiritually and materially.

Her real estate portfolio includes a mansion in Fourways, Sandton, which is valued at R3.8 million. She has refrained from making any comments in response to inquiries about Cassper Nyovest’s wealth.

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