The Face of Gugu Gumede’s Daughter Has Been Kept Hidden Online; Here’s Why

The Face of Gugu Gumede’s Daughter Has Been Kept Hidden Online; Here’s Why

The most popular character, “MaMlambo,” who is loved by Uzalo, has been absent from the show for the longest amount of time, and fans have begun to go crazy waiting for her to make a triumphant return.

Gugu Gumede Explains Why She Never Shows Her Daughter’s Face Online [Photo Collage] Gugu Gumede explains why she never shows her daughter’s face online.

The Face of Gugu Gumede’s Daughter Has Been Kept Hidden Online; Here’s Why

The fortunate thing is that the great actress has been staying in contact with her fans off-screens via her social media profiles, informing them on a daily basis on what she’s been doing and what she’s been up to.

The fact that she has led such a hidden existence, particularly after the birth of her first child, has caused her legion of devoted followers just as much anxiety as her decision to take a significant vacation from performing.

It would seem that the actress’ decision to take a vacation from Uzalo and concentrate on raising her kid was motivated by the fact that she became pregnant.

Gugu Gumede announced the birth of her baby and made her social media debut in March of this year, and ever since then, Mzansi has been desperate to get a sight of the little girl’s face.

Gugu has made it a point to cover up the fact that she has a daughter on social media, despite the fact that she ironically posts pictures of her daughter quite often.

But why does she cover up her daughter’s face whenever she posts photos of her on social media? Many people have inquired.

In spite of the fact that she often posts adorable pictures of herself and her baby on social media, Gugu makes it a point to take the pictures from angles that obscure her daughter’s face so that it is not visible to the camera.

Gugu responded that her baby is too young to see her face on social media when her devoted followers questioned her about this topic. Her admirers have been aching for years to see her daughter’s face.

She asserts that this is the one and only reason why she has not been publishing her recent work recently.

Gugu responded to a fan who inquired about when they would get to meet her kid by saying, “She is still too little.”

Gugu thinks that her kid is still too young to have others see her face, despite the fact that she posts pictures of her daughter on social media.

Traditions practiced in Africa, particularly in Southern Africa, dictate that an infant’s face should not be shown to an unfamiliar person until the kid has reached a specific age, which is often between three and six months of age.

This is done because of the widespread notion that beginning at a particular age, a kid is more susceptible to being charmed.

Cassper Nyovest, a popular rapper from Mzansi, is protecting the privacy of his kid Khotso by not posting pictures of him on social media for the same reason.

“I do not believe that I will be posting my kid in the near future. Even if we have a lot of followers in this spot, there are also real-life witches who come here to feed off the energy that people here give out. Cassper is said to have advised his followers on social media to “be extremely cautious.”

It hasn’t even been a quarter of a year since the devoted actress’s mother passed away when she made the happy revelation that she is expecting her first child. Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi, Gumede’s mother and a former South African lawmaker who worked as the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology in the cabinet of Jacob Zuma, died away in September of last year. She was Gumede’s deputy minister of science and technology.

Gugu Gumede explained that the only reason she was able to get through the ordeal after such a heartbreaking loss was because of the strength that her unborn child provided her. In a touching statement on social media, the MaMlambo actress referred to her unborn kid as “your grandmother’s answered prayer.” She went on to say that the child will change the world.

Gugu penned the following heartfelt ode to her mother as well as to the unborn child she is carrying:

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