Thando Thabethe ups her game

The underwear and shapewear brand Thabooty’s was established by media personality Thando Thabethe, and the food delivery company Uber Eats has just announced that it will be transporting the products to customers via its vehicles, and motorbikes.

Thabooty’s is a brand that provides sxy undergarments for women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds that are not easily found in off-the-rack stores. The brand was officially launched in 2017, and it aims to change the way women see underwear and shapewear forever. With the upcoming release of its bikini range, which will be available very soon, Thabooty’s hopes to usher in the summer flavors on its app.

Thando Thabethe ups her game

“The idea to create Thabooty’s came from my own personal experience of having a difficult time finding any shapewear that was both sxy and functional in my immediate area. “I wanted to give women a more attractive option for Shapewear, one that is appealing to the eye and caters for a variety of shapes and sizes,” says Thando Thabethe, the founder of Thabooty.

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“It’s important to me that women feel confident in their bodies.” “Over the years, we have seen wonderful growth, and we are delighted to collaborate with Uber Eats to make Thabooty’s more accessible to women by delivering to their doorstep at the touch of a button.” — “Over the years, we have seen wonderful growth.

Thando Thabethe ups her game

The food from Thabooty’s can be ordered through Uber Eats at Thabooty’s stores in Dainfern and The Glen, as well as online at and for customers located outside of the Johannesburg area. In addition to limited edition swimwear that can only be found on Thabooty’s, women can shop for luxury sleepwear, sxy underwear, shapewear that boosts confidence, and more on the website.

“We are ecstatic to have Thabooty’s as the newest addition to our suite of female-owned businesses on the platform, and we are looking forward to watching them grow from strength to strength. We hope you will join us in our excitement about this new partnership.” According to Cikida Gcali-Mabusela, Head of New Verticals for Uber Eats in Sub-Saharan Africa, “This collaboration brings us one step closer to delivering on our vision of evolving the app into a virtual mall that allows users to get anything delivered to their doorstep as quickly as possible.”

Thando Thabethe ups her game

Uber Eats, which was initially known primarily as a marketplace for food delivery, has developed into an on-demand convenient marketplace where businesses and customers can connect. This marketplace is a hassle-free platform that provides a variety of goods and services to customers located all over South Africa.

“We are incredibly honored that Thabooty’s has chosen Uber Eats as their primary delivery platform. This is in keeping with our goal of connecting with users on a level that goes beyond the realm of food. According to Gcali-Mabusela, “Other categories that we have ventured into include alcohol and retail, as well as convenience stores, pharmacy outlets, and retail.”

Who Is Thando Thabethe Dating, And How Many Other Men Has She Been With?

Thando Thabethe is one of the very few public figures who makes a point of keeping their romantic relationships a closely guarded secret and almost never reveals any personal information about them to the media or to the public at large.

The stunning media personality, on the other hand, was not at all secretive about her most recent relationship. Instead, she made an effort to flaunt her boyfriend in front of the world’s media, and she was not at all stingy with her relationship.

Lunga Shabalala is said to be Thando Thabethe’s boyfriend, according to a number of different sources. According to these other sources, Thando is no longer in a relationship and the two have broken up.

Lunga Shabalala is well-known in the entertainment industry for her work as a model, actor, and host on television. Aside from his many talents, Lunga is one of those serious men who keep Mzansi women up at night worrying about him. The handsome leading man has been recognized with a number of accolades for his good looks, including a spot as a finalist for Cosmopolitan’s Sxiest Man and a win for Hunk of the Year at the Feather Awards.

It was in the year 2019 when Thando Thabethe and Lunga Shabalala made their relationship public that Lunga Shabalala first became known as Thando Thabethe’s boyfriend, according to the sources.

After what is believed to have been an affair, Thando Thabooty Thabethe and Lunga Shabalala ended their relationship in 2020. In spite of this, the couple was able to put their differences behind them, and in 2021, they got back together.

There were rumors that Thando and Lunga had broken up again, despite the fact that they had been an item for several months. The couple’s decision to delete each other’s photos from their respective social media accounts in order to remove any evidence that they dated contributed to the spread of the rumors that they were an item.

At this time, it is not clear whether Lunga is still Thando Thabethe’s boyfriend or whether the two have ended their relationship for good.

The Abolore siblings Thando and Jaji

Thando Thabethe’s previous high-profile relationship was with Jaji Abolore, a prominent figure in the Nigerian business community. This was before she began dating Lunga Shabalala. Jaji is the proprietor of a well-known nightclub in Sandton.

Thando is said to have gotten back together with Jaji Abolore in the year 2020, shortly after she ended her relationship with Lunga Shabalala. She even posted some photos on Instagram of the two of them spending quality time together.

Unfortunately, Jaji was not destined to be Thando Thabethe’s boyfriend for a significant amount of time, and the two Jaji parted ways once Lunga Shabala was brought back into the picture.

Thando Thabethe and Frans Mashao respectively.

Frans Mashao, a successful businessman and media strategist, was one of Thando Thabethe’s prominent partners in a prominent relationship.

The relationship between Thando and Frans Mashao was a serious one that came dangerously close to getting them married. The two had recently become engaged and were on their way to starting their lives together as husband and wife.

Things, however, took a turn for the worse a few months after the engagement when Thando called off their wedding on the grounds that she suspected Frans of cheating on her.

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