Sorry ladies Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie is no longer on the market

Actor Cedric Fourie, who played Skeem Saam, is supposedly no longer available to women; sorry, ladies!

According to rumors, the actor who plays Lehasa Maphorisa, Cedric Fourie, is currently in a relationship with Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite and businesswoman.

Sorry ladies Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie is no longer on the market

Zari Hassan, also known as Zari The Boss Lady on the streets of social media, is the exe-wife and baby mama of Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz. Zari Hassan is also known as Zari The Boss Lady.

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Zari was previously married to Ivan Don Ssemwanga, a South African billionaire who was born in Uganda. Together, they are the parents of three of Zari’s children.

Cedric appears to be the one who has won Zari’s heart after she has been through a highly public divorce that was marred by cheating and a contentious aftermath with Diamond Platnumz.

Sorry ladies Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie is no longer on the market

Due to the fact that they have been the subject of speculation over whether or not they are an item, Zari has decided to publicize her relationship with Cedric Insta.

A video that Zari shared of her and Cedric snuggling and kising has now been removed off the internet.

There were rumors that Cedric Fourie was gay, and a Ugandan entertainment blog also shared the video of the two of them kissing. However, it appears that the kis put an end to those rumors for good.

The couple is rumored to be keeping a quiet profile at the moment, but if the most recent clip is any indication, we will most certainly be seeing more of them again in the near future.

Zari’s Biography

Zari Hassan is a musician and businesswoman who was born in Uganda on September 23, 1976. She is also known as a socialite. It’s interesting to note that Zari comes from a mixed-race family; her maternal grandmother is of Indian descent, while her paternal grandfather hails from Uganda. However, her grandfather was born in Burundi and her great-grandfather in Somalia. Her great-grandmother was born in Burundi.

She graduated from Jinja Girls High School where she had attended for her secondary schooling. During her time at the school, she participated in the dance, music, and theater organizations. Her remarkable abilities led to her being recognized as the best actor for the second year in a row.

She relocated to Kampala after she graduated from high school, and there she made a lot of money by singing Karaoke in a variety of different establishments. After that, she took a break from acting and moved to the United Kingdom to pursue her higher education there. She eventually earned a certificate in cosmetology after completing her studies in the UK.

She began her career as a singer at a very young age. She used to play in musical performances, school activities, and community competitions when she was younger. She recorded her debut single, titled “Oliwange,” in Uganda for the song “you’re mine” in the year 2007. The video for the song was considered for an award for Best African Video of the Year.

Zari Hassan’s estimated wealth

A conservative estimate places Zari Hassan’s net worth at $8 million. Reportedly, the largest portion of her riches comes from the inheritance she received from her late husband in the form of a large share of his will.


Didy, Quincy, and Pinto are Zari’s three children from her marriage to Ivan, who is now her ex-husband. Following their union in marriage, Diamond and her new husband Latifah Dangote are the parents of their two children, Prince Riaz and Latifah Dangote.


Zari Hassan was previously romantically involved with millionaire Ivan Ssemwanga, whom she eventually wed in 2004. They were parents to three children as a couple. During this time, the couple’s marriage of ten years began to have difficulties. Zari claims that her ex-husband had an unhealthy obsession with her, which eventually manifested itself as physical abuse in the home.

Diamond and Zari both

After her breakup with Ivan, a picture of Zari and Diamond having the time of their lives together surfaced on social media, and it was clear that the two were having a great time together. However, the two individuals stated that they were merely collaborating on a musical endeavor together, and that they were not in a romantic connection with one another.

Several weeks later, during the South Africa Channel O Video Music Awards, the couple appeared on the red carpet holding hands, which served as public confirmation of their engagement. After some time had passed, it became public knowledge that Zari was expecting Diamond’s Child, to be named Latifah Dangote.

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