Sophie Ndaba hits pause

Born Zimbabwean actress, Sophie Ndaba, an actress who resides in South Africa, began her career 25 years ago, and in honor of this significant achievement, she is taking a break from acting.

Sophie Ndaba hits pause

According to the 49-year-old actress, she invested all of her energy into playing the role of Queen on Generations. And leaving the soap opera was one of the lowest points in her professional career.

She said, “It was difficult because it was my home, but I knew that one day I would have to leave in order to advance in the industry.”

After filming the second season of Family Secret for SABC1 the previous year, Sophie stated that she is taking the year off.

“While I am away, I will be working to revitalize my company, Sophie Ndaba Events.

“I want to put my attention solely on it.”

Sophie stated that if there were acting opportunities that were a good fit for her, she would jump at the chance to take part in them, but in the meantime, she needed to prioritize her business.

Sophie Ndaba hits pause

She said, “I am creative because I have talent, even though I didn’t go to school for it,” adding that she began acting when she was 17 years old and learned from people like Lilian Dube and Sello Maake kaNcube. “I am creative because I have talent,” she said.

Sophie encouraged her listeners to chase their dreams and to never give up if they believed they possessed talent.

She mentioned that she had experienced some difficulties with her health, but that managing her type 2 diabetes had become an accepted part of her lifestyle.

In addition, following her diagnosis five years ago, she has turned her experience into a career as a motivational speaker and an advocate for people living with the disease.

She expressed gratitude to the people of South Africa for their support over the years.

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