Sonia Mbele reveals reason why she dumped Generations The Legacy

Sonia Mbele, an actress and director in Mzansi, has never been secretive about the difficulties she experienced in her marriage, which ultimately resulted in her splitting up with her husband.

Sonia revealed in an interview she gave to Kaya 959 this week that she was going through a challenging moment in her profession since she had to put some of her aspirations on hold.

“You know when something is not working and you still want to make it work in whatever manner that you possibly can. I recall being on the most popular show in the country, but I was unable to watch it because it made the people around me feel uneasy. She told Dineo and Sol Phenduka that it had become more in-depth.

Sonia Mbele reveals reason why she dumped Generations The Legacy
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Leslie Sedibe, a successful businessman, was Sonia Mbele’s husband. After dating for a few years prior to getting married in 2006, the couple finally tied the wedding.

After eight years of marriage, the couple made the sad decision to begin the divorce process. In 2014, they got a divorce.

She came clean and admitted that she had a mini-stroke around that time.

Sonia Mbele reveals reason why she dumped Generations The Legacy

The breakup between Sonia and Leslie was front page news, and she took a lot of heat from the general public as a result of it.

Some people, who were unaware of what had transpired behind the scenes, criticised Sonia for her lack of effort in attempting to preserve her marriage.

Sonia discussed the reasons for her and Leslie’s divorce in an interview that was conducted exclusively with Times Live.

“I don’t know of anyone who voluntarily walks away from their marriage if they still want to make it work. I’ve never met someone who did that. But the fact of the matter is that Leslie and I were two distinct individuals who pursued separate goals. Yes, our feelings for one another were mutual. However, in an effort to please him, I sacrificed my own identity in the process.

This caused a chain reaction in her life, and at one point she even considered ending her own life as a result of its effects.

Sonia is a single parent, and she is responsible for raising her four children.

After her marriage ended in divorce, Sonia picked herself up and put herself back together again.

Mbele was able to overcome the traumatic event that she went through and reestablish her brand in an even more powerful and successful way than before.

The Actress Sonia Mbele Talks About How Few People Know Her Name

When an actor portrays a memorable character, the name of that character will often remain ingrained in their mind for the rest of their lives. Sonia Mbele, who portrayed the legendary character of Ntombi Dlomo on Generations – before the show was reimagined as Generations: The Legacy – is a good example of this phenomenon.

Sonia Mbele was a member of the first cast of Generations, but she was let go by the show’s creator, Mfundi Vundla, along with the rest of the cast. However, she did not get fired from the program because she left in 2009 after working there for a total of six years after having joined in 2003.

It would appear that the domineering behavior of her ex-husband was the impetus behind her departure from the show. Sonia disclosed that Leslie Sedibe forced her to leave from her position by first preventing her from watching the soap opera and then asked her to step down from her role.

While Ntombi was on the show, the late Menzi Ngubane, who played Sibusiso, was also a cast member. Ntombi and Menzi Ngubane’s daughter Christina was also let go from the show, which was sad. Leslie decided to leave the show because her friendship with Sibusiso, who played her on-screen spouse, made her feel too uneasy to continue acting in the role.

Because of the incredible connection the two of them shared, many people continue to refer to her as Ntombi even though she plays a different part on the show.

Sonia took to Twitter in order to upload a picture of her breast acting as a “thirst trap,” to which a select few users responded by dubbing her Ntombi. She responded by expressing her surprise that people still called her by that moniker.

People who commented on the post advised her that there is nothing she can do to change the fact that she would always be known by that moniker.

In an interview with Phat Joe’s Cheeky Palate, she discussed the topic of her talk with Joe Kazadi, Cedric Fourie, and Buyisile Mncina, who plays the psychologist. They discussed the difficulties that arise for parents when it comes to issues such as co-parenting and single parenthood.

Sonia spoke in great detail about how people believe she married Leslie Sedibe for his money. She said, “People have always said Sonia married for money, I’m like where? [Laughs]” That individual was paid a salary. It was his routine to bring his bag with him to work, unpack it when he got home, and then wait until the end of the month to cash his paycheck. He never worked as a BEE or a tenderpreneur, and we both had regular jobs.

After that, she continued by saying that their marriage and subsequent divorce was very unpleasant. Who is it that I am married to? When you wake up and find yourself thinking something along the lines of “I adore you today, but then I despise you tomorrow,” etc. It defies logic that it could be in such an unattractive form.

“There was a time when we did not communicate to one other for a number of years. Although I am at ease discussing this topic at the moment, there was a time when I was not. “I am comfortable with this now because my children are adults and old enough to know, decipher, evaluate, and decide for themselves…what I am saying now will no longer come as a surprise to them,” she explained as she opened up about the topic.

In point of fact, Sonia and Menzi crafted the ideal love tale for Ntombi and Sibusiso Dlomo to experience. She went on and on about how wonderful he was, and after he passed away, she added, “I’ve been quiet because I’ve been processing. I’m still battling! Ours was a love story written for the small screen, and even after all these years, Ntombi will always consider you to be his true soulmate.

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