Somizi reveals sad news about his health condition

South African celebrity Somizi Mhlongo discussed his new autobiography, Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, in a Sunday interview with City Press.

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He states in his book that in 1999 he was given a terminal diagnosis of an incurable condition that may kill him within six months. He claims that he cannot discuss his disease publicly due to privacy concerns.

Somizi reportedly questioned whether or not he should get treatment for his chronic condition. The 44-year-old man claims he has never felt the need to reveal the nature of his illness to anyone.

If you’re asking me to choose between cancer, HIV, and diabetes, I haven’t had the guts to do it yet.

It seems that more than six years ago, he was given a prognosis of only a month to live, but God had “other plans” for him.

Somizi said that, despite many days when it felt like it was all too much, he was able to triumph over his condition by adopting a positive mindset.

After being wrongly accused of s.exually assaulting a man, he describes how his life spiraled out of control and how antidepressants helped him cope with the trauma.

After seemingly losing his employment in the entertainment sector, he found himself absolutely destitute, with his cars repossessed and his mortgage in arrears.

This choreographer is now a judge on “Idols,” has his own reality program, and is the subject of multiple advertising and endorsement deals.

He claims that giving up “drinking and having casual s.ex” and focusing instead on prayer and self-improvement were the only long-term fixes for his life.

In addition, he attributes his serenity to the people he met at Rhema Bible Church.

You might be surprised to learn that Somizi has never tried drugs, but he insists he has, despite the fact that his friend Brenda Fassie (who died of an overdose) was a known drug addict.

He further claims that Mandoza and Bricks “did cocaine” in his presence.

Bahumi Mhlongo, daughter of Somizi Mhlongo, says she has an incurable illness.

Bahumi Mhlongo, daughter of Somizi Mhlongo, has said she has an incurable ailment despite having carved out a successful career in the entertainment sector on her own.

Bahumi Mhlongo, daughter of Somizi Mhlongo, says she has an incurable illness.

Unfortunately for Buhami, her illness is terminal.

The multitalented actress recently revealed that her legs are different sizes in an Instagram post. Because of this, her followers began to raise questions about the obvious discrepancy. There were soon many responses to the post, some of which were cruel and insensitive. Why does one leg look so much smaller than the other?” asked a devoted follower. They don’t fit in at all. That’s weird. Bahumi’s supporters immediately began chastising the commenter for their insensitivity.

Lymphedema, often known as lymphatic blockage, is an ailment that Bahumi reportedly faces. Lymphedema, often called lymphatic blockage, is a chronic illness characterized by the progressive accumulation of fluid and tissue swelling (edema)

One arm or leg may be affected by lymphedema. Both arms and legs can be affected in some circumstances. Patients may develop localized edema in the face, genitalia, or chest.

Although there is currently no cure for lymphedema, the condition can be managed with treatment.

Bahumi Mhlongo, age 24, has an incurable illness but that hasn’t stopped her from living the life she’s always imagined. She appeared in the biopic about Lebo Mathosa that was released not too long ago.

Bahumi’s bravery in finally discussing her terminal illness inspired others to open up about their own struggles and overcome their own fears.

Incurable illness afflicting Bahumi

A supporter who has an incurable illness herself said, “I’m glad that you could show your true self…” My acceptance of my illness took a long time.

Some well-known people from South Africa who are battling persistent illnesses

Many well-known people in South Africa are dealing with long-term health issues that prevent them from doing their jobs, whether it be from diseases with recurrent symptoms or from disorders that are always present and severely limit their mobility. Celebrities who are willing to be open and honest about their struggles with illness are very daring and brave, and that’s without even mentioning those who suffer from terminal illnesses.


In South Africa, Howza Mosese is well-known for his roles as both an actor and musician. On the ABC soap opera Scandal, he portrayed a detective. On July 17, 1983, Howza entered the world. As a 37-year-old man, he has been dealing with diabetes for the better part of a decade. At age 21, he learned he has diabetes.

A. Masechaba Moshoeshoe

Masechaba has worked in radio, television, and the theater. Presently, she can count 45 years of age within her lifetime. On April 21, 1975, she entered this world. Her stunning transformation from fat to fit has been documented in viral photos. Fans and observers of her recent appearance on Muvhango, in which she played a doctor, noticed that she had lost weight. She went on to explain that she is battling a debilitating condition, one that has directly contributed to her recent weight loss.

Sofa Lichábá

Currently 48 years old, Sophie Lichaba is a well-known Generations actress. She entered this world on July 15, 1972, in the township of Soweto. She has had diabetes for a while now, and her death has been reported several times as a result of her condition. Even though Sophie’s health declined after a stroke she had last year, she has now recovered. They have been married for a long time, and he is a successful businessman who clearly cares for and supports his wife.

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