‘Skeem Saam actress Pretty s3xually abused’

According to different online publications, Lerato Marabe, who plays Pretty on the SABC1 educational soap opera Skeem Saam, has talked about her on-screen character, her real-life experiences, and her marriage. 

Lerato told Metro FM during an interview that her role as Pretty on Skeem Saam is a lot like her real life. 

‘Skeem Saam actress Pretty s3xually abused’

She said that most of the things Pretty had to go through in her life were things she had also been through. She mentioned sexual harassment in particular. 

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The actress said this to start by saying that she had also been sexually harassed as a person outside of acting. 

“We go through a lot of the same things, especially when it comes to sexual harassment. The same thing happened to us,” she said. 

She also used the chance to shoot down rumors that she is married in real life. 

In 2021, pictures of Lerato dressed in traditional Makoti clothing went viral, which led to rumors that she got married. 

She said that she was just putting on her grandmother’s blanket after a traditional ceremony at home because it had been raining that day. 

She said, “Last year, we were having a ceremony at home. So it rained that day, and the blanket I wore that day was my grandmother’s. So I just took a picture and posted it online, and everyone said, “She got married!” 

She is in love with Lehasa, the man of her dreams, on Skeem Saam right now. 

Because of love, she has lost her family and friends. She has always been there for Lehasa, even during the murder trial when she was accused of killing someone. 

Skeem Saam’s Lerato Marabe did not ‘open up’ about being molested 

The Metro FM interview with Skeem Saam’s Lerato Marabe has been misread and reported in a way that makes it sound like the actress was molested. 

Lerato Marabe, who plays Pretty on the popular soap opera Skeem Saam, recently talked about a time in her past when she was sexually harassed. 

She talked about it in an interview with Mo Flava and Khutso Theledi on Metro FM. They were talking about how actors’ real-life experiences help bring some stories to life. 

Molestation or sexual harassment? 

“It’s easy to get along with Pretty because we’re the same age and going through the same things in life.” 

“Most of the time, the same things happen to you at the same time. “I’ve been through the same thing, especially with the sexual harassment story,” she said. 

Since then, this part of the interview has been misinterpreted and reported as if the actress had been abused or molested. Unlike what she said, which was that she had been sexually harassed, this is not true. 

When someone is sexually abused or hurt, especially if they are a woman or a child, this is called “molestation.” It’s a common way to talk about sexual abuse or assault of young children. 

Sexual assault is when someone intentionally touches another person in a sexual way without that person’s permission, or when someone forces or coerces another person to do something sexual against their will. 

Wikipedia says, “It is a form of sexual violence that includes sexual abuse of children, groping, rape (forced vaginal, oral, or anal penetration or a sexual assault made possible by drugs), and torturing a person in a sexual way.” 

According to Labour Guide, sexual harassment is “any form of unwanted verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person, especially when it creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment.” 

Based on the definitions above, the actress was very clear about what she had been through, which can’t be confused with molestation and shouldn’t be. 

On the other hand, she praised her co-star Cedric Fourie, who plays Lehasa, for how he handles the intimate scenes they have to film as lovers. 

Lerato said that Cedric always makes sure to ask her if she is okay with what they are doing on set, and when they have to film intimate scenes, he always makes sure to ask her what she thinks should happen. 

She also praised the rest of the cast and crew, who she thinks of as family after working on the show for so long. 

Is Lerato Marabe already taken? 

She ended the interview by dispelling the idea that she was already married. She said that there was a traditional ceremony at her parents’ house, but it rained that day. 

She then wrapped herself in her late grandmother’s blanket to stay warm. She said that this was something she often did to remember her grandmother. 

Lerato posted a picture of herself on social media wearing the blanket. Many people thought it was the outfit that most women wear to lobola ceremonies. 

When asked if she was married, she said, “Big, big lies.” She did say that she is in a relationship, though.

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