Skeem Saam actor Cedric clarifies on relationship with Lasizwe

Cedric Fourie, who plays Skeem Saam, is fed up with people making assumptions about his sxual orientation based on the posts he makes on social media. As a result, he has decided to clarify the situation once and for all.

Skeem Saam actor Cedric clarifies on relationship with Lasizwe

After posting a picture on Instagram with a rousing caption, Fourie received a comment from a follower in which they discussed his romantic life as if it were a matter of public record. In response, Fourie decided to set the record straight.

“Complete and total. I swear, Zari is very fortunate to have you as a friend “he captioned.

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It would appear that he was responding to tabloid allegations that Cedric is dating Zari Hassan, who is a socialite, musician, and businesswoman originally from Uganda but currently residing in South Africa.

Cedric did not address these rumors or the rumors that surfaced a year ago claiming that he is “dating” a YouTuber named Lasizwe. Neither of these questions were answered by Cedric. On the other hand, he made the decision to finally let people know that they should mind their own business and that if they come after him, they had better come with the correct information. He also warned them that he would fight them if they did come after him.

“Don’t make statements regarding topics that are outside of your expertise. I am a supporter of LGBTQI+ people. I’m not gay. If you can’t back up your claims with evidence, don’t call them facts. I work to ensure that gays and lesbians have the same legal protections that the rest of us do. Nothing can be inferred from the pictures. Educate yourself on the subject, “he said.

You cannot assert anything to be true if there is no supporting evidence. Got it peeps?

The Real Reason Why Lasizwe and Cedric Fourie’s Friendship Came to an End

Lasizwe Dambuza, an influential figure on social media, has been quoted as saying in the past that his friendship with Cedric Fourie ended in tears.

Lasizwe was once asked by a fan on Twitter what happened, and he simply responded by saying that it did not go well, but he did not want to divulge any further details.

In order for viewers to obtain all of the information, according to Lasizwe, they would have to watch the most recent season of his show Fake It Till You Make It.

Cedric Fourie and Lasizwe provided as some genuine examples of friendship objectives, appearing at events together and even wearing attire that matched each other.

Cedric Fourie also participated in Lasizwe’s reality show during its run.

At one point in time, many had the impression that the two of them were dating, and Lasizwe added fuel to the fire by stating that the two of them were “something.”

Now that the time was right, Lasizwe made up his mind to divulge all of the information regarding what took place between him and Cedric Fourie.

During the tour of Lasizwe’s home in Sandton that he gives to his friend, the friend asks Lasizwe about what happened between he and Cedric Fourie. “What happened?”

Lasizwe gives his pal instructions to call Cedric directly and inquire about what took transpired.

Later on, Lasizwe clarifies that the whole thing was only a publicity stunt and not a genuine friendship at all.

Nevertheless, Lasizwe disclosed that he started to sincerely feel something for Cedric as a buddy.

He stated that he loved him not in a romantic sense but rather as a person.

Cedric Fourie has always maintained that he is straight, despite the fact that he is known to socialize with a number of gay celebrities in the entertainment business.

He claimed to be nothing more than an LGBTQI+ ally.

He stated it to me at the moment,

Don’t make statements regarding topics that are outside of your expertise. I support LGBTQI+ causes. If you can’t back up your claims with evidence, don’t call them facts. I work to ensure that gays and lesbians have the same legal rights as the rest of us. Get your facts correct, because pictures don’t signify jack at all.

It has been alleged that he is romantically involved with the Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Skeem Saam Lehasa Dating Zari Hassan In Real Life

Actor Cedric Fourie, who played Skeem Saam, is supposedly no longer available to women; sorry, ladies!

Skeem Saam Lehasa Dating Zari Hassan In Real Life

According to rumors, the actor who plays Lehasa Maphorisa, Cedric Fourie, is currently in a relationship with Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite and businesswoman.

Zari Hassan, also known as Zari The Boss Lady on the streets of social media, is the exe-wife and baby mama of Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz. Zari Hassan is also known as Zari The Boss Lady.

Zari was previously married to Ivan Don Ssemwanga, a South African billionaire who was born in Uganda. Together, they are the parents of three of Zari’s children.

Cedric appears to be the one who has won Zari’s heart after she has been through a highly public divorce that was marred by cheating and a contentious aftermath with Diamond Platnumz.

Due to the fact that they have been the subject of speculation over whether or not they are an item, Zari has decided to publicize her relationship with Cedric Insta.
A video that Zari shared of her and Cedric snuggling and kissing has now been removed off the internet.

A Ugandan entertainment blog was one of the sources that shared the video of the two of them kissing. The blog made a passing reference to the fact that there had been rumors that Cedric Fourie was gay, but the kiss appears to have put an end to those rumors.

The couple is rumored to be keeping a quiet profile at the moment, but if the most recent clip is any indication, we will most certainly be seeing more of them again in the near future.

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