SK Khoza crowned Drama Queen of the Year

At this year’s Feather Awards, actor SK Khoza has been recognized with a nomination. At the 14th iteration of the award ceremony, SK Khoza is being considered for a nomination in the category of “Drama Queen of the Year.”

Only in this past year has there been so much drama surrounding SK Khoza. SK Khoza is deserving of this award due to the numerous drunk videos in which he can be seen trying to start fights with other people, as well as the numerous sx tapes and other examples of his strange behavior.

SK Khoza crowned Drama Queen of the Year

Real Housewives of Cape Town (RHOCT) reality star Thato and Professor Mokgethi are both up for the award for Drama Queen of the Year, which is also being considered for by the actor.

Following the publication of his upsetting videos, SK issued an apology to his audience and explained that he was stuck in a very dark place.

He wrote in his apology, “To everyone that I was rude and mean to… my deepest apologies. Please forgive me for I have sinned and was trapped in a very dark space.” “Forgive me for I have sinned and was trapped in a very dark space.”

As if all of that was not bad enough, a sex tape of him engaging in oral sx with a female companion was discovered and made public. He attempted to cover up his shame by giving the impression that it was for his Only Fans only. However, he stated that the video is quite outdated, but he did apologize for it while appearing on The Uprising on Gagasi FM.

“Are you aware of how long ago that video was made? You don’t. You are aware of why… Because it’s not yours. It wasn’t meant for any of you to see it. It is quite old, at least a year old at this point. Do you see how long my beard is? People believe it to be new because it has only recently been released.

In addition to that, he was accused of assaulting Sanele, who served as his manager. Musa claimed that SK physically assaulted Sanele because of the fact that Sanele did not show up to a gig that SK was hosting in Swaziland. In addition to this, he mentioned that Sanele had filed a complaint against SK at the Sandton police station.

On Friday, SK Khoza physically assaulted Sanele, who is his manager. SK Khoza was scheduled to perform in Swaziland, but he did not show up for the show. As a consequence of his drug use and the assault case that was opened by Sanele at Sandton Police Station, he was unable to keep his commitment, as the blogger explained on his Twitter account.

During the IG live, they denied these allegations and stated that everything is fine between them. “You know, I was on his live thingy thingy on Twitter,” the user said. “You know what? Does he realize that I have the power to squish you? Sanele said and they both laughed.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that it makes no difference, my king, because people will never talk when I’m doing well. They will never talk about it. It’s never loud,” SK said, and his manager Sanele said that they will not entertain rumors because they are focused on their work. “This man is busy making false allegations, and we are focused on our work,” Sanele said.

In addition to this, he is embroiled in a pap geld scandal in which his baby mama, Gogo Maweni, claims that she does not require his financial support. “Because I don’t require his financial assistance! “I’m financially independent, more so than independent, because I work hard and make sure that my children have everything they need, including an incredible father figure in my husband,” she said.

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