‘Sithelo Shozi buys an expensive car with the money she received from Mamkhize’

Tweeps are incredibly pleased for Sithelo Shozi as she recently purchased a new vehicle. The DJ based in Durban never stops bragging about her accomplishments, and we have no problem with that.

Sithelo flaunted her new body, which she had purchased in Istanbul, Turkey, and her new pearly teeth, which complement her appearance, approximately two months ago.

‘Sithelo Shozi buys an expensive car with the money she received from Mamkhize’

Sithelo’s prolific uploading of photos and videos across the internet ensures that she remains a weekly trending topic.

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This time, her new whip took center stage rather than her body, which was relegated to supporting role status. Sithelo recently purchased a new Land Rover, and despite its intimidating reputation, the vehicle is quite attractive.

‘Sithelo Shozi buys an expensive car with the money she received from Mamkhize’

Twitter users are unable to keep their support for Sithelo to themselves.

‘Sithelo Shozi buys an expensive car with the money she received from Mamkhize’

Some people have even suggested that Shauwn Mkhize bribed Sithelo to keep her away from her son by paying her off. “It’s a fact that Mammkhize gave Sithelo R20 million so that she would stay away from her son.”

There have been previous instances in which people on Twitter have speculated that Shauwn Mkhize paid Sithelo a significant amount of money to keep her away from the family.

In response to a Troll who had initially proposed that, Sithelo stated that the tweep in question is intoxicated.

Sithelo’s allegations that Andile Mpisane abused her led to all of this shine being put on the situation. She went so far as to start a petition in the hopes of garnering support from others and obtaining a protection order.

In response to a follower on Twitter who inquired about the status of the petition, she tweeted, “I feel the need to respond to this as I’m the one who asked the public for assistance for that petition and I’ve noted various people thinking I’ve been bribed to clear everything.” She was referring to the controversy surrounding the petition. False. In this nation, gender-based violence (GBV) is a serious problem, and I will not waver from the truth about it no matter what.

“The petition, in response to your inquiry, has garnered a lot of support and even surpassed my own expectations; each and every signature will be taken into consideration on the day that the court proceedings take place. My attorneys are handling everything for me at this point as the petition and case are both pending before the court,” Sithelo wrote in his response.

Sithelo extended her gratitude to the petition’s signatories once the tally of signatures reached a significant milestone.

She wrote, “Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign the petition; it has done exceptionally well and exceeded all of our expectations, and it will surely serve its purpose.”

“Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign the petition.” “I’ve realized how easy it is to say or encourage everyone on speaking out about their past traumas, things they may be going through even in the present moment, but nobody really prepares you for the backlash that comes with it.

The unfortunate truth is that we contribute significantly to the problem as well. We continue to make it extremely challenging for people to share their experiences and move on from the traumas of the past. I, for one, will never budge from my truth, and I will always work to silence any surrounding noise.

The beginning of a shift in buying patterns, which is good news for car sales in South Africa

According to a report published by a financial services company called Wesbank, year-over-year sales comparisons appear to be beginning to show some consistency of trend, which may indicate that some form of stability is returning to the market for new vehicles.

The beginning of a shift in buying patterns, which is good news for car sales in South Africa

August 2022 sales of new vehicles were the second-best performing sales month to date in 2022, which is the same position they held at the same point in time the previous year. According to Naamsa | the Automotive Business Council, the number of new vehicle registrations in August was 47,420, which is a 14.2% increase from the same month in the previous year.

According to Lebogang Gaoaketse, who is in charge of marketing and communications at WesBank, “It is interesting to note the correlation in market performance this year versus 2021.” “During the previous year, August finished as the month with the second-highest number of sales, with March 2021 being the month with the highest number of sales. It just so happens that March 2022 has been the best sales month of this year up to this point.

According to Wesbank, the market prospects for the remainder of the year could hold further promise if it could be defined as a trend. The volumes of sales in September and then November of the previous year surpassed those of August 2021.

According to Gaoaketse, “August sales are also reassuring in the sense that the volume increase comes off that relatively high base.” “August sales are also reassuring in that sense,” The implementation of this strategy despite the increase in interest rates that took place in July does not appear to have deterred any market demand.

In spite of the fact that additional hikes in interest rates are certain to occur this year, the demand for brand-new automobiles remains strong. He stated that “Applications for Finance continue to show a growing demand for vehicle replacement,” and that WesBank’s book is demonstrating strong double-digit growth that is being driven by applications for new vehicles.

This demand was very apparent in August sales, with successes occurring across the board in both the passenger car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) markets. Consumer demand was the driving force behind the performance, as rental sales dropped by 23.7% despite continuing to contribute 3,912 units to the overall volume of the market.

When compared to August of the previous year, the number of Passenger Cars increased by 14.6% to 31,269 units, which is very similar to the volume seen in July. The light commercial vehicles (LCVs) segment contributed 13,281 units to the market, which is up 13.1% year-on-year and is a much better performance than the 9,552 sales from the previous month.

According to the lender, dealerships’ sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles increased by 23.4% and 10.5%, respectively, during the reporting period. During the month of August, the 40,889 sales that were completed on the showroom floor accounted for 86.2% of the market.

According to Gaoaketse, “The appeal of the pre-owned market appears to be declining, most likely as a result of price inflation and the increasingly limited availability of good stock.” “Whereas the pre-owned market has been offering affordability solutions for cost-conscious consumers, the average deal size on a used car has increased by over 10% year-on-year, while the value of finance agreements on new vehicles over the same period has remained static.”

As the replacement cycle is put under pressure and motorists require a new mobility solution to combat the rising operating costs of older vehicles, this will be fueling the new vehicle market, which will be positive for the overall economy.

The number of new cars financed was 59 096, while the number of used cars financed was 119 061.

According to Wesbank, year-to-date sales of new vehicles are up 13.8% to a total of 344,244 units, indicating encouraging signs of the continuation of the market’s recovery.

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