Self-styled Zimbabwean Relationship-Expert Shadaya Saves The Day As He Rescues Killer Kau’s Girlfriend 

The self-styled Zimbabwean relationship expert Shadaya Knight, who has a large number of supporters, has rushed to the defense of the girlfriend of the late South African artist Killer Kau, who is being criticized for moving on with her life too quickly following the passing of her boyfriend.

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One year after the death of her sweetheart, Olwethu Mkhwananzi is said to have already moved on with her life and found a new partner in life.

Self-styled Zimbabwean Relationship-Expert Shadaya Saves The Day As He Rescues Killer Kau’s Girlfriend 

Olwethu is said to have picked herself up from the gloomy past, found a man, and is now married, according to news reports. This comes at a time when the death of Kau is still difficult for many people to accept.

People on the internet are confident that Killer Kau’s girlfriend has moved on even if there is no evidence of the alleged marriage between the two of them.

In her analysis of the situation, Shadaya lambasted males for their misconception that women cannot be faithful for their entire lives. He stated that women will only remain loyal to a man for as long as he is able to provide for all of their requirements.

Wrote Shadaya:

There is actually nothing remarkable about the statement that “Killer Kau’s girlfriend marries his friend a year after he died.” If a woman finds it simpler to replace you because you’ve lost your value (career, business, social prestige), what more when you’re 6 feet under?

Learn this lesson: a woman will only remain loyal to you for as long as you meet her needs. These needs could be related to her finances, her se.xuality, or her social status. Once you are no longer able to meet these needs, you will be replaced in the blink of an eye. She is not a member of your family, and she is aware of this fact; it is you men who are unaware of this…

If you have any doubts about this, you should investigate her place of employment or the funeral policies; she will never list your name as her next of kin. Have you not noticed that even if a married woman passes away first, her family members will come and take possession of all of her goods, and if the house was hers, you will be forced to move out?

The fact that men are attracted to women is one of their greatest flaws, whereas the fact that women are interested in surviving is one of their greatest strengths. For instance, if a man was forced to pick between his wife and being k, he would have to select his wife. if it meant saving his wife, he wouldn’t think twice about taking the bullet for her. Now turn the situation around; you already know the conclusion…

Because of this, every guy needs to get rid of the archaic mentality that dictates sacrificing oneself for the sake of another women. There is no use in giving your life for a wvman or putting yourself in dangerous situations that could result in your death for a wvman, such as engaging in illegal activities or doing rituals to get money in order to impress wvmen…

Be aware that if you were to die right now, it wouldn’t take her more than a month to replace you in secret and it wouldn’t take her more than six months to replace you publicly. Yes, that same woman for whom you would have given up your life will spend your money on as many dickheads as she wants while your lifeless body rots away in the sand, filled with nothing but regrets.

Be careful not to injure yourself while attempting to keep, save, or protect any WVman. You should only make sacrifices for your offspring, and even then you should ensure that you have had a DNA test done; else, you will wind up dying for someone else’s b@stards. The ground is rough!!! Either educate yourself or die!!

On their way to perform in Rustenburg last year, the 23-year-old entertainer, his best friend and fellow Amapiano artist Mpura, as well as three other up-and-coming artists, Khanya “The Voice” Hadebe, DJ Thando Tot, and TD, were killed in a terrible head-on collision. Khanya Hadebe, DJ Thando Tot, and TD were all killed.

Here are five things about Shadaya that you most likely aren’t aware of.

Here are five things about Shadaya that you most likely were not aware of before we did some additional research on him. Shadaya is a guy from Chitungwiza who is 28 years old.

  1. He is head over heels in love.

After reading the majority of his chauvinistic tweets, some of which verge on outright hatred for women, it is easy to believe that Shadaya does not have a romantic relationship with anyone. It would appear that he is in a committed relationship, and that he has an intense passion for his girlfriend.

Shadaya dated a Tweleb named Mikka before he began producing content related to the red pill and masculine supremacy. The much-publicized relationship, on the other hand, came to an end, and Shadaya suffered a dramatic nervous breakdown as a result. It wasn’t until some time following the incident that he started making derogatory comments about women in his tweets.

People had the misconception that Shadaya had become quite critical of women because he was heartbroken and unattached, but in reality, he is dating someone. There have been two separate instances of photos being published online showing him with his girlfriend in public. The second time, Twitter was troll him after photographs of him with a girl in Chicken Slice came online.

  1. He is currently working toward obtaining his master’s degree in psychology.

Even if you don’t agree with what Shadaya tweets, you can’t deny that she puts a lot of thought and intelligence into what she writes. He plans to earn a master’s degree in psychology and is working toward that goal right now.

In addition to that, he holds a degree in Development Studies from Midlands State University.

  1. Snoop Dogg.

The previous year, Shadaya gained newfound popularity as a result of the famous support of Snoop Dogg, a rapper from the United States.

On his Instagram page, Snoop posted a tweet by Shadaya that stated, “Y’all fellas better stop going broke to prove you’re not broke to btches who are broke.” Shadaya’s tweet said that “Y’all fellas better stop going broke to prove you’re not broke to btches who are broke.”

The retweet caused a firestorm on Zimbabwe’s social media platform, Twitter. Users of many social media platforms expressed their delight that an international musician had acknowledged Shadaya’s work.

  1. He was once detained for making derogatory remarks about the head of the ZEC, Justice Priscilla Chigumba.

In 2018, Shadaya sent on Twitter a message that was critical of Justice Priscilla Chigumba, who was serving as head of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The tweet that he shared was originally published by an imposter account belonging to Priscilla Chigumba and it stated, “I can’t wait for the election debacle to be over. I am in desperate need of a vacation and some quality s..ex time. My physical being demands some rest.

Shadaya was taken into custody in October of that year, and he was charged with criminal insult for allegedly impairing the dignity of Justice Chigumba. The incident took place in October of that year.

Shadaya was acquitted of all charges in November 2018, when the ZEC boss skipped out on court appearances, which led to the dismissal of the charges against Shadaya.

  1. Before she became known for her anti-feminist tweets, Shadaya was well-known for the memes she created.

As a meme maker, Shadaya was one of the first people to garner attention on social media. Many of his memes went viral on social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Because of this, he now has a sizable following on several social media platforms. At the present, he has 134,000 followers on Twitter and 79,800 followers on Instagram. His Facebook page has 18,229 likes

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