SA Celebrity Faith Nketsi Kicked Out From Hospital

SA Celebrity Faith Nketsi Kicked Out From Hospital

After the birth of her child, reality television actress Faith Nketsi-Njilo was allegedly escorted out of a private hospital against her will, according to newly disclosed information.

She announced that she had just given birth by uploading a lovely photo of herself during her pregnancy along with a touching letter in which she professed her love for both her husband and her newborn kid.

The new little girl will be known as Sky by her parents.

In April, Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo married the wedding, and shortly afterwards, people began to realize that she was already pregnant. At the time, her manager Andzelo Tivani angrily refuted rumors that she was pregnant.

Unconfirmed reports have indicated that Faith Nketsi gave birth at a private hospital but was later asked to leave,  eventually settling for a government hospital.

Nketsi and her daughter Sky left a private medical facility on 19 August. They are now at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria because they could no longer afford private hospital fees.

Gossip blogger Musa Khawula revealed that Sky Njilo has pneumonia, hence the extended stay in the hospital.

Twitter users have expressed their empathy for Faith Nketsi-Njilo after she was asked to leave the private hospital where she was being treated. Check out some of their thoughts in the comments section below.


“Sandton Mediclinic will complete your medical assistance far before you give birth,” and “the majority of physicians who conduct a practice there are cash-only practices, and they don’t want it.”


“The cost of childbirth by itself is rather high. It is a far more serious situation if the kid has any issues. Funding and coverage for medical help are restricted. It is not anything to be embarrassed of that you choose to go from working at a private hospital to one run by the government. Especially if the infant is being treated for a disease.”


“This is a delicate matter to deal with. I believe that we should refrain from tweeting anything that affects infants.


“I had my baby in a private hospital, and Discovery Medical Aid was my insurance. In addition to that, I had inadequate cover. I had to remain an additional day. Since it was a natural delivery, the hospital required me to remain for a total of three full days. When it got to be the fourth day, did they not charge me over? To put it plainly, they kicked me out while I was getting stitches.

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