Pretty & Lehasa take their dating to another stage?

The most popular couple in Mzansi’s television industry is Pretty and Lehasa. They were clearly meant to be together in every way.

Fans have been very vocal about their desire for the two actors, namely Cedric Fourie and Lerato Marabe, to see things from our perspective and simply start dating.

Pretty & Lehasa take their dating to another stage?

Some viewers only watch Skeem Saam so that they can see Pretty and Lehasa perform.

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A picture of Lerato and Cedric looking smitten while working together was posted to Lerato’s Instagram account a month ago with the caption, “Pretty Wenzani, my love???.”

A supporter made the following observation: “I don’t blame Pretty Lehasa is a catch though.”

Her co-stars Innocent Sadiki and Kea Leburu commented on the post with a fire emoji and a heart emoji respectively.

Pretty, on the other hand, paid no attention to the rumors and continued going about her business.

Who Does Lerato Marabe Actually Date in Real Life? Who Is It?

It was announced the previous year that the actress from Skeem Saam had tied the knot with the man she had been dating for a considerable amount of time.

The news that Lerato Marabe had a traditional wedding ceremony was reported in a number of publications across Mzansi. Through her Instagram stories, the actress shared photos of herself wearing a stunning traditional wedding dress. In the photos, she can be seen smiling and laughing. Many individuals were under the impression that was no longer available for purchase and was already taken.

An image of the actress and her brother was posted online by the actress. It seemed as though he was there to show his support for not only her but also the rest of her family. At the beautiful wedding, there was not a single member of the Skeem Saam cast to be found.

This may have occurred as a result of the stringent lockdown regulations that were in place around social gatherings at the time. Because Pretty has not posted any photos of her alleged husband on any of her social media accounts, there is not a lot of information available about him. On the other hand, there are photographs that are circulating on social media and are thought to be of the person who is the love of her life.

Find out more about Cedric Fourie and Zari?

We reported it to you two years ago that Cedric Fourie was head over heels in love with his Ugandan girlfriend, Zari Hassan, also known as Zari The Boss Lady. According to Zari, it was resolved with crying.

Zari had posted a video on social media of herself and her boyfriend at the time acting all smitten with one another at the time that their relationship was making headlines. In the video, the two can be seen passionately kissing each other throughout the clip.

Zari, the boss lady, has come forward to explain the circumstances surrounding the breakup of their relationship.

After she broke up with Diamond in 2018, it is speculated that she publicized Cedric to the world as “King Bae” within a few months of their breakup.

However, due to the fact that the two have never been seen together, fans have been concerned that they have broken up. Zari has since confirmed that this is the case by saying:

“When it comes to love, sometimes sh*t happens, like how that one didn’t last and we went our separate ways, but we still talk every once in a while,” she said.

She went on to say that the two are still on friendly terms, explaining that;

“It did not work out, and everyone went their separate ways; however, we still talk every once in a while, even if it’s just to ask, “How are you doing?” Because he was still invested in our lives, he would ask, “How are the children?”

Ginimbi’s Mansion Inherited By Zari’s Best Friend.

After Ginimbi was killed in a terrible car accident last year, the Domboshava mansion is expected to be inherited by Zodwa Mkandla, an ostentatious businesswoman who was previously romantically involved with Ginimbi. Already, Zodwa, who is also Zari Hassan’s closest friend, is working toward acquiring full ownership of the mansion.

The mansion was owned jointly by Zodwa and Ginimbi. Ginimbi, on the other hand, hoped that it would one day become a resort for tourists. Despite having been in a relationship in the past, Zodwa and Ginimbi never explicitly stated whether or not they were married to one another during their lifetimes.

Someone in the family mentioned it and said;

He used to say that if he passed away, he wanted a mausoleum built for him so that he would be remembered for all time by the many generations of people who frequented the hotel.

Many people are wondering, as a result of this change in ownership, whether the couple had joint possession of the mansion as a result of the fact that they were married or whether they were simply joint owners without being married. It is not entirely clear what the plans are for the mansion at this time.

In the past year, Ginimbi was killed when the Rolls Royce he was driving was involved in a collision and caught fire as a result. He was with two other good friends, Moana and Alichia, and another friend named Karim.

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