Patrick Shai’s wife opens up, speaks on what she’s going through after her husband died

MASECHABA Shai has discussed the passing of her husband Patrick in an open and honest manner.

She has also established a widow’s club in order to be of assistance to others who are going through the same challenge.

Patrick Shai’s wife opens up, speaks on what she’s going through after her husband died

At the celebration of Sello and Pearl Maake KaNcube’s first wedding anniversary, which will take place at Sakhumzi Restaurant in Orlando West, Soweto, on Thursday, October 27, she will speak about her experiences as a widow.

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“January 2022 was the month that fundamentally changed my life. She explained, “Patrick was not just my husband, but also the man I grew up with, my best friend, and the father of my children.”

“His children and grandchildren have not been able to learn what happened to their father, and they do not know where he is.”

She claimed that she was never prepared for the passing of her husband.

“Most especially the manner in which he passed from this world. “I’m still working through the pain,” she said. “I’m sorry.”

Patrick Shai’s wife opens up, speaks on what she’s going through after her husband died

She explained that the fact that society was trying to tell her how she ought to grieve caused her heart to continue to pound with anxiety.

“Having to share my husband with society made the situation even more difficult. “The act of claiming him was excruciating,” she added.

“Being a parent to my children has taught me to take on the roles of both a mother and a father. This is by far the most challenging position I have ever been required to fill.

She revealed that his amapiano collection used to annoy her, but that she now found herself missing it.

“I miss his mischievous smile when he was caught out with something and how he always competed to be the best cook in the house,” she said. “I miss his naughty smile when he was caught out with something.”

When I was upset, he would call me Ntwana, and the sound of that name would make my stomach turn.

She explained that the effort was her attempt to connect with other women in the community.

“The stigma and the belief that women killed their husbands is so sad and very demeaning to black women,” she said. “The belief that women killed their husbands is so demeaning to black women.”

It is expected of us that we will dress in all black for the entire year. You, as a widow, should be given the freedom to mourn the loss of your husband however you feel right.

“Because we are married, we are now independent, responsible women who do not require anyone to tell us how to respect our spouses.”

She stated that she had made the decision to honor her husband in the customary manner.

She questioned, “But what about those ladies who aren’t familiar with or don’t comprehend the customary approach to the mourning process?”

It has been alleged that Patrick Shai’s wife has been unfaithful.

A seasoned actor named Patrick Shai passed away recently, and new information regarding his passing has surfaced. The actor is said to have died a shattered man and refused to stay even one night at his home the night before he allegedly planned to take his own life, according to a report that was published in Sunday World.

It has been reported that Shai’s family and his widow, Masechaba Shai, are at odds with one another due to claims of infidelity that have been made against her. It would appear that the family is torn apart over the allegation that his widow cheated on him with a doctor, which is a claim that Masechaba has categorically refuted.

DNA testing is going to be done by the family in order to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Shai is the biological father of her children. According to the rumors, Masechaba is ready to submit to a DNA test in order to demonstrate that Shai is the biological father of the children.

The Sunday World reports that Masechaba got texts accusing her of infidelity, and it appears that her son is the result of the affair that was allegedly taking place. Despite this, the two of them have pointed the finger of blame onto Shai’s ex-girlfriend Sihle Sibisi for sending the message.

Sibisi has also provided a response in which she refutes the allegations by stating that she too received the same messages. “The allegations that his mother was abusing his father and that Patrick did not want to sleep at the house the day before his death were reported to me by Sechaba himself and Patrick’s best buddy. Both of these things occurred the day before Patrick passed himself. They have no right to involve me in this whatsoever,” Sihle stated in a statement.

According to Shai’s son, who spoke with the publication, Sibisi began having an affair with his father just a few short days before Shai passed away. In addition, he shared that she had cheated on him after they moved in together, and that she had asked him to live with her after he had some misunderstandings with his mother. This information was added to the story. In addition to this, Shai’s kid recounts that Sibisi once assaulted him in their home following a particularly intense disagreement between the two of them.

“While I was packing my clothes, she locked all the doors in an attempt to prevent me from leaving,” he says, adding that he was forced to leave through the garage door. She had locked all the doors in an attempt to prevent him from leaving.

“As I was opening the door, she was reversing her car and bumped me on my lower left leg as I was walking towards the gate.” “As I was opening the door, she was reversing her car.” “The statement was made to the magazine.

Following that, he went to the Sandton police station and lodged a formal complaint against Sibisi. The widow of Shai is going to court to present evidence that Sibisi was the one who sent the messages.

The actor passed away on January 22nd, a Saturday. Reportedly, Shai’s wife discovered his lifeless body in the garage of their home in Dobsonville after he had been there for some time. During her remarks during his funeral service, Masechaba emphasized that her husband was not a saint and encouraged her children not to let the rumors and speculations of others affect them.

“My children, you should not put too much stock in what other people have to say about your father because you are familiar with him. He was by no means a saint. Although I am not a saint and you are not innocent either, it is important to remember that he was still a human being. Let us forgive one another, South Africa, since God forgives each and every one of us continually.

“I do not consider myself an actress; rather, I am a realist. I am not a machine but a living, breathing human being. I’m not crying, but I’m crying for my kids because I don’t know how they’re going to get through this. I’m not crying for myself. Patrick had the spirit of a child and spent a lot of his time playing. I referred to him as Ntwana “she said

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