Nelisiwe Sibaya suprises fans with her status

Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya, who appears in Durban Gen, is being accused of making up her status as a virgin in order to gain attention. Recently, she has been having issues on many social media platforms due to her behavior. After allegations that she dated Robert Marawa, the actress is being chastised for not being a virgin as she has been alleged to be in the past.

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There have been rumors circulating that Nelisiwe Sibiya is dating senior sports broadcaster Robert Marawa, and as a result, she has been tied to a number of scandals. There are rumors that the actress has not yet experienced her first s£xual encounter.

An article published in April 2022 issue of Indafrica claims that the singer and actress, who is now 28 years old, has not yet had her first s€xual encounter. Twitter people disagree with that and have pointed out that she is not a virgin in their posts about her.

Nelisiwe Sibaya suprises fans with her status

All of this commotion was brought on by a blog post written by a gossip columnist named Musa Khawula, in which he referred to Nelisiwe Sibiya as a below-average actress. The claims made by Nelisiwe Sibiya that she is a vrgin have been debunked by users of Twitter in the accompanying comment area. Tweeps came out in force to criticize Nelisiwe for a variety of acts that were unrelated to her acting talent and abilities.

Twitter users are confused as to why Nelisiwe never wears the white dot on her forehead that denotes her vrginity, despite the fact that she is frequently pictured with other women who have not yet had sxual partners. They are perplexed because the singer has stated on numerous occasions that she has never been sxually active.

Mzansi, on the other hand, is starting to have second thoughts because it has been brought to their attention that she appears to have never been subjected to a vrginity test in her entire life. Some people have even referred to Nelisiwe as a lady who is promiscuous and has a history of having affairs with multiple men.

Another reason why South Africans believe that Nelisiwe is lying is because she did not attend the Reed Dance that took place this past weekend. Because so many people were anticipating Nelisiwe’s presence, they were taken aback when they saw only the Qwabe twins.

The fact that Nelisiwe, who is well known for being a devout believer in religion, was not present was surprising, and it acted as a wake-up call for those who were present. After all, she is very vocal about her desire to remain a virgin. At the Reed Dance, which takes place once a year, proud virgins from all around the country gather together to celebrate their chastity and take pride in who they are.

During her appearance on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM, Nelisiwe refuted rumors that she was dating Robert Marawa. Despite this, she did make a statement to put an end to the rumors that she was dating Marawa.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding her name right now, as she was just a few days ago accused of being a terrible actress. This is just one of the many things that are going on. However, the actress has not responded to any of the claims that have been made about her, and it would appear that she is concealing the truth regarding whether or not she is still a vlrgin.

What Follows is a Recap of What Took Place Between Nelisabeth Sibiya and Robert Marawa.

An astonishing and extremely delicious news concerning Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya came to light just as the month of May 2022 was drawing to a close.

Musa Khawula, who calls themselves the self-proclaimed maestro of Twitter tea, has stated that the well-known sports broadcaster was supposedly dating the Durban Gen actress. And despite the fact that he did not provide any evidence to back up his claim that Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya were indeed dating, it did not take long for people on Twitter to catch wind of his claims, and once they did, they immediately began expressing their thoughts and opinions regarding this purported romantic relationship.

Despite the fact that Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya were both adults, some Twitter users chose to focus on the age difference between the two of them when commenting on the rumored relationship between them.

When Robert Marawa began his illustrious career as a sports presenter in 1996, Nelisiwe Sibiya had not yet reached the age of four.

Even though both Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya ignored the dating rumors and went on with their lives, the talented actress rubbished the dating rumours by saying that she thought that Marawa was a great man and that the two were friends, but that they were not dating when she appeared on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM. Despite the fact that both Robert Marawa and Nelisiwe Sibiya ignored the dating rumors and went on with their lives, the

Relationships that Robert Marawa has had in the past

Robert Marawa makes an effort to maintain a high level of discretion regarding his personal life and the people he dates; nonetheless, his personal life and relationships still manage to attract the attention of the public. This may be due, at least in part, to the fact that he is a well-known public personality himself and that the majority of his romantic partnerships have been with well-known women from Mzansi.

A number of years ago, Robert Marawa dated Pearl Thusi. During their time together, the two were very clear that they would one day get married to each other, and they even announced their engagement during their time together. The relationship between the two sadly came to an end in 2016 owing to individual differences.

After his relationship with Pearl Thusi ended, there were rumors that Robert Marawa was seeing actress Zola Nombona. This came after he ended his previous relationship with Pearl Thusi. Zola Nombona has refuted reports that she is involved with Marawa romantically. Zola is currently married to Thomas Gumede, and the two of them are doing an amazing job of raising their son together.

Robert Marawa has a child with the actress Zoey Mthiyane, with whom he was previously in a relationship and who gave birth to the child in 2011. 2011 marked the end of Marawa and Zoe’s relationship.

Nonku Williams, a reality show actress known for her role on Real Housewives of Durban, is the most recent woman to be linked with Robert Marawa. Following an observation of the two individuals socializing together and drinking a bottle of wine together, it was speculated that the individuals were romantically involved with one another. Nonku responded to rumors that she and Marawa were an item by stating that they were simply friends who supported one another’s professional endeavors.

Nelisiwe Sibiya date history

In contrast to Robert Marawa, a significant number of Nelisiwe Sibiya’s connections do not appear to have been recorded, and it would indicate that sis is skilled at maintaining a low profile.

The actress and musician was, however, previously romantically involved with the gospel musician Ayanda Ntanzi, and at one point the two were even engaged to be married. As a result of their fundamental disagreements, however, they decided to end their relationship and break off their engagement.

Nelisiwe Sibiya continued her conversation with Lungelo KM of the Engineer Your Life podcast. During their conversation, she discussed her difficult upbringing and relationships, and she revealed that she would never date a man who was weak.

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