Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch marry over the weekend

Since they began dating, Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch have been the subject of much discussion in Mzansi and on various gossip blogs.

After the birth of their child, the two lovers have been the subject of rumours that they have ended their relationship and are no longer together. Nevertheless, it appears like Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch tied the knot over the weekend as all indications point in that direction.

Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch-Image Source(Instagram/NatashaThahane/Nyoso3)

Since 2019, the two have engaged in an on-and-off relationship, and they have both made attempts to conceal their relationship. In the beginning, they were seen spending time together while on vacation. The two individuals made their connection known to the general world and posted recordings of themselves together engaging in activities such as travelling or spending time on vacation. Natasha Thahane announced early in the year 2022 that she was expecting a kid with her partner Lorch, and she subsequently gave birth to their child.

Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch-Image Source(Instagram/NatashaThahane/Nyoso3)
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Despite this, supporters were still enjoying the happy news that the couple had become parents when rumours started to spread that they had broken up. The two did not address the rumors, but it was later reported that the reason for their breakup was because Lorch was not ready for a long-term commitment. It was said that the actress was ready to tie the knot, but her lover was not ready to take the next step in their relationship.

Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch-Image Source(Instagram/NatashaThahane/Nyoso3)

On the other hand, this information has been discredited as images of Natasha Thahane appeared on the internet, and it is speculated that she is now married. On his Instagram account, South African actor Oros Mampofu posted a picture to which he added the message “Family weekend.”

Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch-Image Source(Instagram/NatashaThahane/Nyoso3)

Natasha Thahane, who posed for the photograph as the picture-perfect Zulu bride, was beside him in the image. A number of people congratulated Natasha on her new title as Mrs. Lorch in the comments that were left on his posts.

On any of her social media platforms, the actress has not yet distributed any new content. However, Thembinkosi demonstrated that he and Natasha were still together by posting a picture of himself at the location of Natasha’s birthday celebration a month ago. This provided evidence that the couple was still dating despite the rumours that they had broken up.

Many people congratulated the actress and the football player on their new union and wished them the best. However, others were suggesting that they will land to mind their business next time and not believe everything they read on the internet.


Zimbabweans don’t getting married in the month of November.

You probably weren’t aware that some Zimbabweans avoid getting married in the month of November. I’ll Explain Why

Zimbabwe is a Christian nation, although many of its citizens, even Christians, nevertheless follow aspects of their ancestral faiths in addition to Christianity. In this way, November can be considered to be a separate month. During this month, there is almost no significant cultural activity. During the course of the month, no important rituals or ceremonies should take place, including marriages and weddings.

In the same way that every society has its unique customs and rituals, it is considered impolite to get married in the month of November in Zimbabwe, particularly according to Shona customs. They have the superstition that getting married around that time will bring the couple nothing but misfortune.

According to a bride who gave an interview to the BBC in Harare, “November marriages are a big no-no… If it weren’t for the fact that I think my parents would have a problem with a November wedding, I would have had my wedding in November. My mother and father both would have passed away from a heart attack. My grandparents would not have been interested in going.”

Another Zimbabwean stated that he and his soon-to-be wife had to rush to get their wedding arrangements in order before the month of November since “nothing can be done in November.”

So why is it said that getting married in November is unlucky?

The custom of postponing weddings in November is said to have originated either out of a desire to avoid upsetting the spirits of the deceased or as a strategy to keep people working in the fields during the month of November, which is traditionally considered to be planting season.

“In order to forbid anything, our elders will typically employ what we refer to as fear tactics. According to what lecturer and cultural specialist professor Claude Marareke said to the BBC, “They will tell you not to sit on the road, you will have blisters on your buttocks.” When it comes to agriculture and farming, the month of November is often particularly busy. Since it was common knowledge that organising marriage talks may take up to a week or even two weeks, this was a method of telling people, “Hey, let’s not engage in these activities while we have so much going on right now.”

“It was also a period when the gods and the ancestors were busy blessing the land with rains and other such things, and we needed to stay quiet to allow the gods and the ancestors do their work.” And an extremely small percentage of people questioned these established modes of thought.

Thomas Phiri, a resident of Harare, shared with the Herald that throughout his childhood, he was taught by his parents and other adults in his community that significant life rituals are not performed in the month of November. He stated that he had never believed there were any curses associated with the month until he personally experienced the curses after going against the beliefs that are associated with the month of November. He said he never believed there were any curses associated with the month until he personally experienced them.

However, there have been some couples who have been courageous enough to get married in November, and those couples have said that their decision did not bring them any ill luck. A great number of couples in this situation were able to obtain discounts on the services they needed.

It is important to note that wedding service providers and planners can go the entire month of November without receiving any bookings due to the so-called “curse of November.” They are occasionally compelled to lower their costs in order to attract customers, some of whom are international couples who chose November as their wedding month.

Jane Rushinga, a wedding coordinator, was quoted in the Herald as saying, “Everything is at a discount.” “If we were a manufacturing company, we would only be operating at 10% of our capacity for the month. If you are fortunate, you will find some parties that will assist you in meeting your financial obligations. However, given that it occurs on a yearly basis, we have been accustomed to making preparations for it. This month, I offer the majority of my workers time off, and I anticipate that they will put in a significant amount of overtime for the month of December.”

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