Natasha? Natasha who? Lorch denies knowing Natasha Thahane

Both the soccer star Thembinkosi, better known by his stage name Lorch, and the actress Natasha Thahane have lately posted images from their vacations on their respective social media profiles.

Due to the fact that the photographs were taken in the same place and published on the same day, it would appear that they may have been on vacation together. Nevertheless, in a live conversation on Instagram, Lorch refuted reports that he was on vacation with the actress.

Natasha? Natasha who? Lorch denies knowing Natasha Thahane

The soccer star and the Amapiano producer and vocalist DJ Maphorisa were the two people that participated in the Instagram live conversation. When the topic of his being on vacation with Natasha was brought up during the behind-the-scenes shooting of the Instagram live, the producer was driving while Lorch was relaxing by the pool on his holiday as the conversation was being recorded.

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Maphorisa was requested by Lorch to explain to him what his absence from work had to do with the actress. According to Maphorisa, it appears as though the photographs that they both shared were taken at the same area and at the same time.

Maphorisa noted the fact that the figure visible in the reflection of Natasha’s sunglasses has the same body form as Lorch and resembles Lorch’s physique. Maphorisa also pointed out that the figure has the same body colour as Lorch.

According to the producer, “Twitter police” conducted additional research into the photographs, and following closer inspection, they discovered that both subjects were wearing the same tags on their wrists.

The soccer player remained adamant and refuted any and all rumours that he was on vacation with Thahane.

Thahane also took to social media in order to inform her admirers and followers that she was still unattached and looking for love. She did this by referencing a tweet that she had originally sent in the year 2020, in which she stated that she had been unmarried for “three years and counting.”

Thembinkosi Lorch was photographed wearing an expensive R30 thousand Gucci attire.

Thembinkosi Lorch, who plays for the Orlando Pirates, was seen wearing a simple black BALR t-shirt that costs R1,990 as well as Gucci accessories that are valued more than R27,000.

Thembinkosi Lorch was photographed wearing an expensive R30 thousand Gucci attire.

People are talking about Thembinkosi Lorch’s fashion game once again away from the football pitch because he is one of the most high-profile football players in Mzansi.

When the Orlando Pirates midfielder posted a photo on Instagram showing off his Gucci clothing and accessories, he made his followers green with envy. Everything about Lorch’s personal life, from the people he is dating to the clothes he wears, is constantly in the public eye, even when he is not participating in a game of soccer.

Actress Natasha Thahane was in a relationship with Lorch for a while, but neither one of them has addressed the question of whether or not they are still together. In April, Thahane became a mother for the first time, which piqued the interest of many people.

In a series of casual photographs that Lorch took earlier this week and uploaded to his Instagram account, he is seen posing in front of his house wearing an all-black casual attire that is accessorised with statement pieces from Gucci.

He wore a black t-shirt with the designer name BALR that cost R1 990 and coupled it with black torn thin jeans, a characteristic Gucci belt, and Gucci white sneakers. He completed his getup with Gucci white sneakers.

The Gucci embossed sneaker can be purchased for a price of $920, as stated on the Gucci website (R15 672). The chunky “silhouette giving it a lively, retro air” is how the sneakers are described in the product description.

The shoes are produced in Italy, and the classic GG symbol can be found embossed into the leather of the uppers. The monogram motif provides a unique spin on the brand.

The marmont belt in brown leather by Gucci is priced at $570. (R9 716).

The following was written by Lorch as a caption for his appearance: “Colour is everything, Black and White is more.”

The football player has, in the past, demonstrated his admiration for the Italian luxury brand. He has been seen in the past wearing a variety of Gucci sneakers, socks, and the limited edition Gucci and Disney collaboration sneakers that retail for $690. (R10 300).

In addition, Lorch has been spotted modelling clothing from Puma and Dolce & Gabbana. He is also one of the sports ambassadors for Puma, and he is frequently seen promoting the company’s newest line of soccer footwear and products.

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