Musa Mseleku’s son follows his father’s footsteps

Mpumelelo Mseleku has made the decision to engage in polygamy on a full-time basis, just like his father did before him. This decision is based on the proverb that an apple does not fall far from its tree.

Mpumelelo Mseleku, 20, the son of Musa Mseleku, is making plans to marry his two girlfriends, Vuyokazi Nciweni and Nompumelelo Makhanya. Currently, he is in the process of making preparations for the wedding.

Musa Mseleku’s son follows his father’s footsteps

Both Vuyokazi, the baby mama, and Nompumelelo, the other girlfriend, live in South Africa, but Nompumelelo calls Durban home.

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Speaking to this publication Mr Mpumelelo revealed that he is marrying two wives because one is not enough for him for he wants it everyday! This has left many people in great shock. He went on to reveal that sometimes he would want to engage with them at once thats playing the adult bedroom game 3 of them at once.

“Over the past two years, I’ve been in a relationship with these two women, and now we’re getting engaged to be married.” I am familiar with their families, and I have also acquainted them with members of the Mseleku. They are, in all intents and purposes, my fiancées. I have made it a priority to spend time with both of them during the month of December. They have only ever communicated with one another through text messages and phone calls, so this will be the first time they actually meet in person. According to Mpumelelo, “we actually have a group chat where the three of us talk to each other.”

He also disclosed that he is putting away as much money as he can so that he can marry them in the near future.

“I am sorry, but I will not be able to disclose the date, the month, or any other details about the weddings, but they will take place very soon. Although I have not yet made the lobola payment, I have already discussed the matter with my father. According to the terms of our arrangement, he will contribute a certain amount toward the lobola, and I will contribute a certain amount myself.

“For the time being, I do not have sufficient funds, other than the inheritance, which I will use toward lobola. Again, I am unable to disclose the specifics of ilobola because my father and I hold these conversations in high regard and consider them to be sacred. “These conversations are not being carried on in the presence of my mother, MaYeni,” Mpumelelo stated.

During the course of the program, Musa dropped hints that Mpumelelo was prepared to tie the knot, particularly considering the fact that he already had a child.

“I have already given Mpumelelo my approval for her to proceed with her wedding plans. I really couldn’t be happier for him that he’s going to tie the knot while he’s still so young. Because of this, he will be able to have more children, raise them, and mature alongside them.

I don’t want him to get old and start trying new things because there’s a chance he won’t succeed. During this very conversation, the lobola negotiations have progressed to a more advanced stage, and as a father I am paying a portion of them.

Mpumelelo Mseleku, who lives in Uthando Nesthembu, goes out with both of his girlfriends at the same time.

Mpumelelo Mseleku appears to be doing a good job of balancing his two relationships, as he recently took both of his girlfriends on a double date. His girlfriends’ names are Nompumelelo Mnguni and Vuyekazi Nciwani. Despite the fact that the two women live in two different provinces, they were still able to meet their boyfriend and enjoy a nice, intimate outing together with Mpumelelo’s younger brother as well as Mpumelelo and Vuyokazi’s daughter Mhlophekazi.

Relationships that Mpumelelo maintains with the two young women

In polygamous relationships, it is extremely important for the women to have their own homes in order to avoid feelings of competition and strife with one another. The situation is the same with Mpumelelo, Vuyokazi, and Nompumelelo in this particular relationship. Both Nompumelelo and Vuyokazi call their respective cities of residence home.

Mpumelelo’s goals for the relationship with the two women

Mpumelelo has discussed the possibility of marrying both of the young ladies in the past. It is important to him to carry on the legacy established by his father and ensure that the Mseleku clan is preserved for future generations. He promised that he would use some of his inheritance money to settle the lobola debt owed by the two women.

Following in his father’s steps.

He is only twenty years old, but he already has a child and two women in his life. His father, Musa Mseleku, is a well-known businessman and polygamist who has four wives, so he is following in his father’s footsteps when it comes to the practice of polygamy.

The social taboo surrounding polygamy

In the context of contemporary Christianity, the practice of having multiple spouses is not sanctioned. On account of the widespread practice of Christianity across the African continent, many individuals have a preference for monogamous romantic relationships. Although the majority of African cultural groups endorse the practice of polygamy, very few people are open to the concept of having multiple spouses.

Mpumelelo’s lifestyle

The young man comes from a wealthy family, and in addition to that, he works as an artist manager, an artist, and a footballer, all of which allow him to generate some money for himself. It is highly likely that he has a trust fund in addition to the inheritance that he plans to tap into in order to afford to pay lobola for both of the women.

The two women who are dating

Both of the women are aware of one another and have come to an agreement that they will be with the young man at the same time. Both women in this relationship are treated like queens, and the relationship is transparent and honest throughout its entirety.

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