Meet Big Zulu’s real wife as she meets Big Zulu’s family

Mzansi was impressed by the way Lebogang Makenete hosted a welcome meal for Big Zulu’s family by serving cuisine in the traditional style, as our moms had done in the past.

A few days ago, Imali Eningi was trending with the release of his popular song “350 Bars,” but it wasn’t enough to propel him to the top of the charts. After a few days, he made news when he wed his beloved wife, Lebogang, and the ceremony was widely covered.

Meet Big Zulu’s real wife as she meets Big Zulu’s family

Congratulations, our beloved Big Zulu man has just now tied the knot and is now eligible to take his place among the elders on the council.

Big Zulu eventually brought his wife home after a long day of stressful talks in Soweto, and the two of them celebrated their reunion. Bringing a Makhoti into the house signifies that the parameters of the game have been altered.

As the festivities continue, according to custom, the ancient play in which the groom’s sisters would jokingly harass the newlywed bride will begin. Historically, this play was performed during the wedding reception.

As a part of the festivities to greet the guests, the bride would prepare breakfast for the entire family and serve it to them before they spread out their blankets and pillows.

Mzansi was impressed by the way in which Big Zulu’s family took advantage of the opportunity to tease the new daughter in a humorous manner and push her to serve food in the traditional manner.

Lebogang Makenete, Big Zulu’s wife, is forced by her in-laws to serve the dish in the traditional manner.

When the humorous pestering became rough and aggressive, it caused many of the brides to end the celebrations in tears. This is the customary technique of extending a greeting, and Big Zulu’s family is skilled in the art of doing so.

Lebo prepared delicious cuisine, which was a sight to behold; yet, this was not sufficient, as she almost served it while standing on her toes. The other women surrounding her saw it right away, and they made her serve the meal while kneeling down and laughing at her while she did it.

The request seemed to bother her, but she knew that she had to carry it through. During the time that she gave in to the pressure and served her husband on her knees, some members of her family joined the performance.

Big Zulu sported a grin over his face during the entire procedure as he put on his jacket and sat down to be served. Big Zulu complimented his wife for doing such a good job in fulfilling the requests of the family by serving him as they had requested.

Big Zulu responds

This time around, Big Zulu, whose real name is Siyabonga Nene, is in the public eye for a reason that has nothing to do with responding to diss tracks or delivering 150 bars.

Over the course of the weekend, rumors began to spread on various social media platforms suggesting that Big Zulu had recently tied the knot with his high school love.

The KZN rapper and former Isibaya actor went viral a few days ago after photos of a man on his special day bearing a striking similarity to the KZN rapper and former Isibaya actor went viral.

The practice of the Imali Eningi hitmaker of frequently updating his internet gallery with his one-of-a-kind position, which is typically feminine, provided fodder for the quips and disses of his contemporaries, which were expanded by the viral photographs as they spread across the internet.

Users on social media had a field day with the photographs on the website.

Big Zulu responds after viral pictures

Big Zulu has taken to Twitter in an effort to encourage users of social media to refrain from spreading false information.

The rapper responded to the picture that went viral by writing in isiZulu, “Aybo musani ukudlala ngam yey khuzeka,” which literally translates to “Don’t toy with me.” This statement put an end to the rumors.

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