Mazet reveals how she spends her Friday nights 

Mazet reveals how she spends her Friday nights

Since then, the Gomora actress Mazet “Siphesihle Ndaba” has stunned Mzansi with the way that she spends her Friday evenings. Friday nights are particularly popular among Mzansi’s most famous people because they have the weekend to themselves.

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Late the knowledge that they will be able to sleep in on Saturday, a great number of famous people will go out for drinks and watch live shows. In a nutshell, Friday is the day of the week when the majority of people have the most fun being themselves.

Mazet reveals how she spends her Friday nights

The majority of businesses only operate for half a day so that they may provide their workers with more time to get ready for the evening.

Mazet is not the same as other people, despite the fact that she appears to be quite unusual on Gomora, because she has preferences that are completely dissimilar to what the majority of people like.

This aspect of her personality provides justification for her going on a solitary vacation to the Indian Ocean, which she did. It would appear that Mazet is the type of person that keeps to herself and completes tasks in her own sweet time.

It would appear that Mazet’s selection of activities makes it challenging for a great number of people to spend continuous time in her company. This is the reason why Mazet does not have a large circle of friends but rather a select few. How is it possible for Mazet to schedule such an event on a Friday evening?

What Gomora actress Mazet “Siphesihle Ndaba” enjoys doing on Friday evenings when the weekend finally arrives

It appears that Mazet’s role on Gomora is very accurate representation of who she is in real life. After having her leg shot off, she was forced to spend the most of her time on Gomora watching television.

Because Mazet was unable to leave the studio, she had no choice but to participate in the show. Fans had the mistaken impression that she was friendly and outgoing in her everyday life, but this is not the truth.

On Friday nights, when everyone else is getting ready to go out clubbing and drinking without worrying about the next day’s hangover, Mazet can be found curled up on her couch watching movies. There won’t be any going out to the movies for Mazet unless something truly remarkable comes out.

The Gomora actress known as “Mazet Siphesihle Ndaba” prefers to stay indoors.

It is clear from Mazet’s Instagram account that she does not frequently post images of herself drinking with a large group of people. It is possible that she is attending a special event or a gathering with her family that she simply cannot afford to miss.

In any other scenario, she would be spending her time inside by herself or, more likely, away on vacation. The fact that Mazet spends the holidays alone himself is something that has drawn our notice. She finds satisfaction in experiencing life on her own terms and maintains the smallest possible social circle as a result.


In addition, there are many different actors in the Gomora production, and among them are up-and-coming actresses like Siphesihle Ndaba, who plays Mazet, and Tshiamo (played by Lerato Mokoka).

Tshiamo is a 16-year-old schoolgirl, and Mazet is a young adult who is known as a car hijacking queen. The two live at MaMsonto’s house on Gomora, and Tshiamo is a car hijacking queen. Surprisingly, Tshiamo is older in real life than she appears to be on set, as she plays a character who is much younger than Mazet.

Difference in age between Tshiamo and Mazet
Lerato Mokoka, who plays Tshiamo in the television show Gomora, was born on January 17, 1996 in the city of Rustenburg in the country of South Africa. As of the year 2022, the actress has reached the age of 25, making her significantly older than the character of Tshiamo, who is just 16 years old on Gomora.

On the other hand, Siphesihle Ndaba, who portrays Mazet, was born on August 4th, 1997 in the township of Soweto, which is located in South Africa. The actress whose role on Gomora everyone enjoys making fun of is only 24 years old in the year 2022, making her significantly younger than her real-life counterpart. Mazet’s acting abilities are exceptional, and because of the ease with which she can play gangster roles, many people mistakenly believe that she is significantly older than she actually is.

roles in the production of Gomora

Tshiamo is Pretty Molefe and Sbonga’s kid, and she is currently in her adolescent years. She currently resides in the Sonto residence along with her grandmother MaMsonto, her cousins, and Mazet. Her character’s best friend is Sibongile, who is portrayed by Nandipa Khubone, and as a result, she frequently finds herself lying in order to protect her friend from potentially dangerous circumstances. She is undoubtedly talented, as seen by the excellent way in which she is doing her job.

Mazet, on the other hand, is a car-jacking superintendent who resides at MaMsonto due to the fact that she does not have any family. Her role is that of a young adult woman who is responsible for luring her exe-lover, Ntokozo (who is portrayed by Ntobeko Sishi), into a life of crime. She is giving an outstanding performance and is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Mzansi’s most favored actresses. Her character just recently embarked on a quest to steal automobiles and accidentally shot a woman; as a result of her actions, she could go to jail for what she did.

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