Master KG eyes for Nkosazana Daughter

Two days after breaking up with Makhadzi, Master KG engages is now flirting with Nkosazana Daughter.

Master KG eyes for Nkosazana Daughter

As she performed for fans and revelers all over South Africa during the holiday season, Nkosazana Daughter had a very busy and hectic schedule. “Full Package” | Nkosazana Daughter Stuns Mzansi With Her Stunning Body After Giving Birth

Master KG, an artist and producer who is known all over the world, is gushing about a fellow artist named Nkosazana Daughter on the internet because she recently purchased a new vehicle.

After purchasing a brand new set of wheels for herself, the soulful vocalist for Dali Nguwe decided to kick off the new year on a clean slate and pick up the pace. As she performed for fans and revelers all over South Africa during the holiday season, Nkosazana Daughter had a very busy and hectic schedule.

After putting in a lot of effort to make money while other people were taking advantage of the holiday season, the Ebusuku songstress reasoned that she deserved to reward herself with a brand new whip.

Following the exciting transaction, the vocalist could not contain her excitement as she posted pictures to her Instagram account.

After purchasing the cute little black and crispy sport utility vehicle (SUV), she posed for pictures outside of the showroom.

She was blushing as she stood in front of the black car that had a large red ribbon draped over the bonnet. She was holding a bouquet in her hand. The images were captioned by Nkosazana Daughter with the phrase “kicking starting the year.”

Master KG eyes for Nkosazana Daughter

Master KG took note of Nkosazana Daughter’s recent acquisition, and he could not have been more pleased with himself. He exclaimed his excitement and posted the following on his Facebook account:

“Congratulations, Ntwana yaka Nkosazana on the purchase of the new Car!”

Master KG eyes for Nkosazana Daughter

Facebook users were led to believe that the two people in question might have a secret relationship with one another after reading the post. Nkosazana Daughter has recently become a mother, and many people believe that the child was fathered by the Amapiano singer Sir Trill.

Master KG eyes for Nkosazana Daughter

Yesterday, Master KG shared the news that he and Makhadzi are no longer dating; however, the MaGear hitmaker claimed that the Jerusalema star had made a typing error in their announcement.

The fans found it hilarious when Master KG sent a message of congratulations to Nkosazana Daughter. Check out their comments below.


We are not from Tanazen; however, we are aware that she is your new girlfriend.


“I’ve known you to have a thing going on for a very long time. Congratulations to the two of you! However, you should put an end to playing games with Makhadzi’s emotions unless you plan to wed both of them.


“Congratulations to Sir Trill’s baby momma and his girlfriend on the new addition to their family. Le Makhadzi wena, kindly take care of your problems.


Congratulations on your new wife, but why did you leave Makhadzi?


Nkosazana Daughter, whose real name is Nkosazana Nolwazi Kimberly Nzama, is a South African Amapiano vocalist who just turned 21. She is best known for her mesmerizing voice in Master KG’s hit single Dali Nguwe. Her real name is Nkosazana Nolwazi Kimberly Nzama. She has worked together with a number of other Amapiano artists, such as Master KG, Tyler ICU, Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, and Soa Mattrix.

She is considered to be one of the Amapiano musicians who has the most potential for stardom in the year 2022. In March of 2022, it was reported that she was ill, but no details were provided other than the fact that she was recovering from an illness that was not specified.

The Facts of her Life

Nkosazana Daughter’s Childhood and Adolescence

Nkosazana Nolwazi Kimberly Nzama, better known by her stage name Nkosazana Daughter, was born on October 6th, 2000. Her professional name is Nkosazana Daughter. She was born in South Africa, where she also spent her childhood. It is not known very much about her childhood or her education, with the exception that the majority of the events that occurred during her childhood took place in South Africa.

The Professional Life of Nkosazana’s Daughter
Nkosazana is a songwriter, singer, vocalist, and artist who is of Amapiano descent. Her compositions of amapiano music are among the continent’s most famous because they are frequently performed and listened to. When she made an appearance in the media, she was referred to as the Amapiano artist and vocalist who was rising the most quickly.

Since making her debut in the music industry, Nkosazana has collaborated with a variety of renowned musicians and producers, including those in the Amapiano and House music genres. She has worked with a number of different artists, some of which include Master KG, Tyler ICU, Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, and Soa Mattrix. These are just a few of the artists she has collaborated with. She went to Mozambique in March 2022 for a performance and later posted on her Instagram account that she had a wonderful time there.

Intimate details of Nkosazana Daughter’s life

Although it is possible that Nkosazana is involved in a romantic relationship, very little is known about her private life. Her family, including her parents, boyfriend, husband, and children, are all concealed from public view.

Sundayworld published an article in March 2022 stating that Nkosazana Daughter was sick but that she was getting better quickly. The online publication did not specify what illness Daughter was suffering from, however.

The value of Nkosazana’s possessions

Since Nkosazana has only recently begun a career in the entertainment industry, her net worth is not particularly impressive at the moment but is expected to increase over time. It is estimated that she has a net worth of one hundred fifty thousand dollars. There is not a lot of information available regarding her house, cars, and other properties.

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