Mampintsha responds to people attacking his wife

After online trolls disparaged the appearance of his wife, Babes Wodumo, Mampintsha was left seething. Internet fans started trolling Babes after she posted a picture of herself recently that showed she did not look the same as she did some years ago.

This is nothing new; several photographs of Babes have already caused trolls to go into a frenzy, which eventually led to the beginning of a trolling parade.

She was a guest on the most popular radio station in KZN, which is called Ukhozi FM, and she wore a brown jacket, a brown skirt, a cream-colored white polo neck, and brown boots. Trolls were confused by her straightforward hairstyle, but it was her whole appearance that caused them the most trouble.

When a picture of her from a few years ago and one from more recently were placed side by side, the hostility toward her continued unabated.

Her husband Mampintsha didn’t want the hatred to get out of control any longer, so he resorted to Instagram to send an angry message to the people who were spreading it.

He insulted them by saying that they were destitute and starving, and he even offered to engage them so that they could earn money for themselves.

“It stings so much because the individuals who curse at us are strangers, and we do not know any of them. No wealthy person would ever go about cussing out other wealthy individuals. It’s always the hungry people that are the most jealous and the ones who engage in witchcraft. On the other hand, they should be channeling that energy into looking for work, and I should hire them so they can stop being so furious, gain money, and find a partner.

“But rather than spewing saliva, they spew bile. Listen up, and then leave us in peace. Or, if you prefer, I will gladly send each of you back to the womb of your respective mothers in turn. Our names are not for your entertainment. You all seem like you could use some food. “I’m sorry to my followers, but I’m sick and tired of these people who don’t bathe,” he said as he came to the conclusion.

Fans were given a taste of what the couple has been up to over the past few months as Uthando Lodumo returned for a second season of their favorite couples reality show, Uthando Lodumo.

The fight that she has been having with her mother-in-law Zama Gumede is still something that the public is interested in.

Both parties engaged in a public altercation, during which Babes admitted that she had made mistakes in the manner that she had handled the problem.

“I, too, was in the wrong. I did all of that because I was hurting on the inside…I’m very heartbroken The fact that my in-laws have not welcomed me is a source of great discomfort. Other girls’ mothers-in-law love them and accept them into their families with open arms. My family has never welcomed me in. Instead, I was presented with a film that was completely covered with obscene language, she stated.

On the other side, Zama said that she and Babes are not friends, and as a result, she is obligated to pay for the damages.

“I was very irritated by that. I was made to feel disrespected. You are my one and only son, and I am honored to be your mother. I am worthy of having respect shown to me.

“I’m not her friend. I am her mother-in-law at this point. It would have been preferable for her to have cursed at me over the phone rather than on a social media platform. She was completely out of control.

She came to the conclusion that “she needs to pay damages,” and “for the profanities, she needs to pay.”

People are quick to pass judgment and say that I am ill.

Babes Wodumo has corrected the record and provided her detractors with information about the reasons behind her weight loss. In response to a post made on Facebook by radio personality Jacinta Ngobese, Babes said that it hurts to see people, especially women, making fun of her weight loss, which occurred both during and after her pregnancy. She noted that this weight loss took place both during and after her pregnancy.

There is a picture that was taken not too long ago of Babes while she was in the Ukhozi FM studios. In the pictures, she had on a brown blazer, a brown skirt, and a cream-white polo neck. She also had on brown boots, and her hair was styled in a straightforward manner; however, it was her overall appearance that got her trolled.

Jacinta shared her feelings on the bullying she experienced as a result of her weight loss and how it affected her. She mentioned that she had a significant amount of weight loss due to depression while she was eight months pregnant.

“This is a picture of myself that was taken eleven years ago, when I was eight months pregnant with my kid! YES… I am pregnant in this picture, but because I was going through such a terrible depression, rather than putting on weight, I went through a significant weight loss.

She went on to say in her post, “I looked terribly sick, and I had told myself then that should I ever fall pregnant again I would make sure it’s with a kind and caring man that would spoil me and treat me like I’m about to bring a treasure into this world,” which has always been her dream. “It’s always been my dream to experience that unconditional love because I’m carrying a precious baby,” she said. “It’s always been my dream to experience that unconditional love because

She claimed that many people made fun of her, but that she had received a lot of support from other people.

She went on to call out the people who are making fun of Babes Wodumo without being provoked, saying, “So the people who are making fun of Babes, it’s because they don’t know how difficult it is to be a mother and how much of yourself you lose during that time and all you need is to be surrounded with love and kindness and people who care about you so you can at least have beautiful memories of that time.”

I’m actually crying as I type this because we all go through so much, and sometimes all you need is to be okay, happy, and surrounded by love. “I’m actually crying as I type this because we all go through so much. Please refrain from making fun of the circumstances that someone else is going through simply because you don’t comprehend them or have never been in their shoes. . I hope that Babes is showered with an infinite amount of love and success throughout their life. Love and illumination. “

Babes Wodumo subsequently provided a response to the post, in which she mentioned the fact that the majority of her trolls are female.

It hurts to see women making fun of how I look, she said. “I lost weight during my pregnancy and after birth I lost even more weight.” “Is it because I’m a celebrity or because I’m a young woman who is finding her feet in motherhood?” she asked. “I am enjoying motherhood and I don’t know what they want from me.”

“Others are quick to judge, saying I am sick, I need help, or I am taking drugs, just because I had a baby and my body is still recovering,” the woman explained. “I am not stressing about my weight loss because some of my friends and my sister went through the same thing.”

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