Makhadzi proves haters wrong.

Makhadzi is anything but ugly, which is surprising since she had to defend herself against ugly accusations. The diva who was born in Limpopo has always been teased about her figure and the features of her face, but she has consistently shown that her critics are wrong.

During an interview with TshisaLIVE, she stated that she is lovely and that other people should refrain from telling her that she is ugly. “Another thing that I want to say is that people should stop telling me that I am unattractive because I am really beautiful, and that is something I want to convey,” she continued.

Makhadzi proves haters wrong.

This is in response to the insults hurled against Inno Morolong during their heated exchange on social media.

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“You are an adult now, and one of the responsibilities that comes with being an adult is having a home of your own. She was claiming that she is talented and that she is making a lot of progress. Babes, I am not familiar with you. You don’t have my attention, and I don’t follow what you do. Before we begin our conversation, I want you to take a moment to examine your relationship with Inno and ask yourself, “Am I battling with Inno?””

Makhadzi proves haters wrong.

There was also a time when Makhadzi was dragged for her body. While she was playing at the Sands Music Festival in Malawi, a photographer intentionally revealed the black skin on the inside of her thighs.

She began by saying, “I would like to apologize to all of my followers if only if you genuinely are disappointed about these images…”

“There were several stunning photographs that the cameraman was planning to upload, but instead he chose to upload this one in order to advertise his company, oblivious to the harm that he is causing to my spirit.

I am confident in my resilience, and I am certain that this too shall pass…

Unfortunately, I am unable to alter the core of my being. I am the way I am, and I am proud of it “— I quote her.

“The only thing you guys are doing is trying to edit my images, which is nikhonanisa mafhungo. Yes, I am strong, but my family and friends are not as strong as I am. Seeing them cry over manipulated pictures really breaks my heart and has a negative effect on me.

I would like to question everyone who reacts with this picture and edited pictures about whether or not you are trying to plant something that will negatively effect me… I will humble myself and ask everyone in a respectful manner to please stop making fun of me… I don’t have the strength to stand in your way since I love everyone of you “After finishing her writing, she worked on promoting her record.

A great number of people, including Inno Matitjane, attempted to comfort her. “I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no need to apologize, babes. Umhle, this is what a natural body looks like; the inner thighs of the majority of women and even some men who are overweight have a dark color, including myself.

There is nothing wrong with this scene other than the stunning beauty of the woman performing and her talented body. It’s possible that the photographer had bad motives, but who cares? What he thought would make him popular is what we find beautiful, so screw him.”

Her admirers were also there to console her “Don’t apologize for the condition of your skin, Makhadzi; we think it’s beautiful, as is the rest of your body and your personality; in fact, we think everything about you is beautiful. The color black is stunning; continue to shine, Daughter of the Land That We Love. You.”

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