Lonely Connie Ferguson’s video breaks people’s hearts

The video of Connie Ferguson giving herself a forehead kiss has gone viral, and it has left the people of South Africa feeling sad for the actress. After a picture of her going through her nighttime routine that she posted on social media, Connie Ferguson has the majority of people in this country feeling all of the feels.

The video of Connie Ferguson giving herself a forehead kiss has gone viral, and it has left the nation of South Africa feeling sad for the actress.

Lonely Connie Ferguson’s video breaks people’s hearts

When the seasoned actress finally gave herself some much-needed affection, she managed to pull on a number of people’s heartstrings. After Lasizwe shared the clip, many people quickly found themselves upset because Connie had reminded people that she might be lonely because she recently lost her husband, Shona Ferguson.

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An actor from South Africa named Connie Ferguson recently had a video of her that went viral on the internet. Before going to sleep, the actress demonstrated that she is responsible for giving herself hugs and kisses.

As people pondered why it is that Connie needs to kiss herself goodnight, they found that their hearts were touched. People on the internet felt sad when they recalled that Connie had recently lost her husband, Shona Ferguson.

Due to the fact that Lasizwe is a widow, many people found the snap she posted as a joke to be a depressing one. Shona, Connie’s husband, passed away as a result of complications from CO-VID 19.

The final conversation that Connie Ferguson had with Shona is recounted here.

The actress Connie Ferguson appeared on the breakfast show 959 Breakfast on Kaya FM with Dineio Ranaka and Sol Phenduka a few months ago, just a few days before the one-year anniversary of the death of her husband Shona Ferguson. The show was hosted by Dineio Ranaka.

More information can be found in the article written by Judge Stuart Wilson titled “You Will Spend the Rest of Your Natural Life in Prison.”

Dineo Ranaka questioned Connie Ferguson about her final interactions with Uncle Sho toward the end of the show by inquiring about the time they spent together.

Connie Ferguson let it be known that she and her husband had intentions of recommitting their love to one another by getting married again. That was supposed to be the year that they celebrated their 20th anniversary as a couple.

This was supposed to be the dance for our 20th anniversary. When I visited him in the hospital, I made sure to remind him that he owes me a dance. I remember doing this over and over again. I told him on the very early morning of the 30th that we should give it one more day, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out that day.

Connie and her sister had been at the hospital for the entirety of the previous evening, and on the day that Shona passed away, they were instructed to return home and get some rest.

“I believe they told my sister and I that we can go home and freshen up before we come back here,” I said. When I was in the shower that morning, I had the distinct impression that something was off with me. When I looked at my phone and saw that I had missed countless calls, my stomach dropped. I received a text message informing me that I needed to be there as soon as humanly possible and as quickly as possible. After observing the expressions on their faces, I was able to deduce that he had left.

The final words that Connie Ferguson spoke to her husband.

“I remember the last thing that I said to him and the last thing that he said to me before they incubated him,” she said. “I remember the last thing that he said to me.” While I was giving him a foot massage, I confessed to him that he is my other half. Because he was wearing a CPAP mask, he was unable to speak. Additionally, he pointed at me. Those were literally the last words that were exchanged between the two of them before he passed out.

Connie uses Instagram as a platform to share her introspective thoughts about life after the loss of her husband.

Today marks the beginning of our second year without you here physically, and God continues to be with us as we learn to navigate this new reality.

She mentions how much the family missed Uncle Sho but that they are doing well despite this.

We think about you all the time, my LOVE, but everything is going to be okay. We are okay. You continue resting.🙏🏾 You will always be remembered and loved by all of us. MEMORIES ARE A PRICELESS TREASURE THAT LASTS FOREVER. I will always and forever love you.

A few days ago, Connie made the announcement on social media that the Ferguson Foundation is currently in the process of officially launching.

Your patience and support in the lead-up to the big day and all of the activities we have been carrying out is greatly appreciated. The official launch of the Ferguson Foundation is getting closer, and we would like to thank you for it.

On Friday, August 5, 2022, there will be a gala launch event for the Ferguson Foundation, which will be held in loving memory of our co-founder Shona Ferguson. I am really looking forward to having you join us in the celebration of the life of a real empowerment and upliftment visionary and the realization of this vision. I am really excited about it. Please do check the information on the flyer, and set a time to meet with us. You can also follow @fergusonfoundation for additional information and updates as we commemorate new beginnings and the words of Mr. Ferguson, which have stood the test of time.

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