Lindelani and Dr Zondo are real life couples

Without a doubt, the two have been making waves for their unrivaled talent on etv’s drama series Durban Gen.

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However, in the midst of it all, Mzansi appears to have finally connected the dots and resolved the mystery. Yes, Dr Zulu (Mike Malwandla) is rumored to be having an affair with Dr Zondo (Fanele Ntuli).

Lindelani and Dr Zondo are real life couples

Nobody saw this coming until the two released a series of photographs that got Mzansi talking. The two posted intimate photos of themselves together, each with a cryptic love caption.

Aside from the captions, the steamy images have already taken over social media. However, numerous doubts about their love life have been raised in the midst of the chaos.

Mike Ndlangamandla is a South African actor best known for his roles as Pastor Max in Muvhango and Lindelani Zulu in the TV series Durban Gen. The emerging actor is drawing a variety of parts not just because of his talent but also because of his adaptability.

Lindelani and Dr Zondo are real life couples

Dr Zulu of Durban Gen and Dr Zondo ‘Fanele Ntuli’ of Durban Gen are they dating in real life?

However, the actor is well renowned for keeping his personal life private. It’s unclear whether he’s married or not. It has subsequently been proved that he is a father of one and is not ashamed of it, as she frequently displays images of her daughter on social media.

Fanele Ntuli, on the other hand, is a South African actress, presenter, and YouTuber best known for her role as Mandisa on Uzalo and her current role as Dr. Zondo in the drama series Durban Gen. She is taking soapville by storm and impressing fans every time she appears. Her self-assurance is one of the qualities that distinguishes her.

Her first appearance on Uzalo as Mandisa introduces her to soapville, and she makes the most of the occasion. She recently landed a role on Durban Gen as Dr Zondo, which she is delivering flawlessly. For a brief moment, we wondered whether she wasn’t a real medical student.

But, like Dr. Zulu, little is known about her love life. Mzansi has grounds to assume that the two actors are seeing each other based on these photos. Despite generating headlines, the two have yet to comment to the rumors that have had them trending.

Pictures show Durban Gen actress ‘Dr Zondo’ Fanele Ntuli’s lavish lifestyle.

Fanele Ntuli has been acting since she was in college, beginning with stage productions and gradually expanding her profession. She is currently a queen on the big screen, nailing her role on Durban Gen. The actress has amassed a lot of riches because to the jobs she is continually landing on television and her side hustles. The actress also spends as much as she makes on her opulent lifestyle.

On Durban Gen, Fanele Ntuli plays the focused and mature Dr Zondo. Thandekile Zondo is a second-year intern at Durban Gen who strikes the perfect balance of serious and outgoing. She is always looking out for her pals and has no romantic life. She attempted to date a doctor but soon discovered she had emotions for another intern. Both of her romances failed, so she concentrated on her work.

Durban Gen actress Fanele Ntuli’s lavish lifestyle Fanele is the polar opposite of her Durban Gen role in that she is outgoing. The actress has made a comfortable life for herself through her job and frequently pamper herself. Her Instagram profile is full of photos of her going on treks or vacationing at lovely locations. She enjoys the outdoors and frequently visits game lodges to ride horses and go on walks.

Fanele Ntuli is no stranger to driving costly cars, aside from her constant getaways. The actress owns a white Mercedes Benz, which she has flaunted on Instagram. The car has black leather seats, which are seen in her selfies while driving. Fanele, like many other celebrities, throws lavish parties, such as her birthday party last year.

Many of her followers may be wondering how she affords her lifestyle because she is a newcomer to television. The actress, on the other hand, is a cattle farmer with an estimated 150 cattle on her property. On her farm, she also grows potatoes and maize.

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