Lerato Zah Moloi’s Husband And Details About Her Divorce 

The stunning Lerato Zah Moloi is a multi-talented media personality who has left her mark on numerous of the most successful media professions.

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She is a talented actress who is best known for playing major roles in several of South Africa’s most popular television shows, such as Tshisa, The Throne, Skeem Saam, and Muvhango. In addition to acting, she has also tried her hand at being a TV host and a model.

In addition to her work, which is sufficient to put her on the map on its own, Lerato Zah Moloi’s family and relationships with prominent people have also contributed to the media attention that Lerato has received. Her work has been enough to put her on the map all by itself.

Find out everything you need to know about Lerato Zah Moloi’s marriage, her famous family, and the specifics of her divorce by reading this article.

who exactly is the man who is married to Lerato Zah Moloi?

Collen Mashawana is a well-known Venda-born business tycoon and philanthropist. He was previously married to Lerato Zah Moloi but they have since divorced.

Afribiz Invest Pty, which is the parent company of more than 16 subsidiaries, was founded by Collen Mashawana, who also serves as the chairman of the firm. In addition to that, he is the director of a charitable organization in South Africa known as the Collen Mashawana foundation. This foundation’s primary mission is to assist South Africa’s jobless population.

Lerato Zah Moloi’s Husband And Details About Her Divorce

It is unknown when or where Lerato Zah Moloi and her ex-husband first met, nor how long they dated before getting married. Neither is it known how long they were married before having children.

During the celebration of Lerato’s birthday, the couple announced their engagement in front of many notable people from South Africa, including Julius Malema. The event was extravagant.

In spite of the large engagement party, the exes kept their wedding a secret and had a small, intimate ceremony. No one knows when or where they said their vows of holy matrimony because the wedding was a private event.

During the entirety of their marriage, the couple projected an image to the public of a “perfect marriage,” and nobody anticipated that they would ever divorce one another; consequently, Mzansi was taken aback when they finally did so.

Lerato Zah Moloi’s divorce

Following accusations of adultery leveled against Lerato Zah Moloi in 2014, the pair decided to end their marriage and pursue separate lives.

It has been suggested that Lerato Zah Moloi had an affair with another married man, despite the fact that both of them have denied having any kind of sexual relationship with each other.

The divorce between the two was amicable, and they continue to share parenting responsibilities for their child.

Who exactly is the woman that Lerato Zah Moloi’s husband is seeing?

According to many accounts, Lerato Zah Moloi has not remarried since the conclusion of her marriage to her ex-husband, and if she has been in a romantic connection since then, she has been successful in keeping that partnership under wraps.

Lerato Zah Moloi’s Husband And Details About Her Divorce

On the other hand, it looks like her ex-husband has moved on with his life and is back out on the dating scene. Collen Mashawana and Gladys Dlamini from Gomora, also known as Thembi Seete, were reportedly dating in 2018, according to several reports. Guests at Lebo Gunguluza’s wedding in Mauritius reported seeing the two individuals together for the first time.

It is not quite apparent at this point whether or not Thembi Seete and Collen Mashawana are still dating at this time.

Lerato Zah Moloi’s children

Lerato Zah Moloi’s Husband And Details About Her Divorce

Prince Mashawana, also known as Super Mash, is nine years old and is the son of Lerato Zah Moloi. Prince Mashawana considers himself to be “the first black child superhero.”

Super Mash set a record for being the youngest person ever to deliver a TedX Address when he spoke on the subject of “Can children change the world?” during his talk.

According to reports, Collen Mashawana and Thembi Seete welcomed their second child together, a son named Dakalo, in the year 2018.

Mzansi is astonished by the wealth and business empire of Thembi Seete’s baby daddy, Collen Mashawana. He is known as “Rich Uncle.”

In 2018, Thembi Seete became a household name as it became public knowledge that Collen Mashawana was the father of her child. The rumors that the two were involved in a love connection were supported by the fact that they were seen together on multiple occasions. However, the two individuals have not confirmed their relationship to the public; however, it has been circulated that they share a kid named Dakalo, who just had his fourth birthday recently and was honored in a festive ceremony.

Due to the fact that Collen and Thembi have stopped following one other on social media, it is now unclear whether or not they are still dating. Even though they may not have a healthy relationship with one another, they are doing an excellent job of co-parenting their son. On his Instagram account, Collen Mashawana regularly posts photographs of Dakalo.

Collen Mashawana’s wealth and sources of income have long been a topic of inquiry in Mzansi. The fact that Thembi Seete has never dated any poor men is the reason why he is wealthy. The goddess of beauty will not accept anything less than the best. The following table details Collen Mashawana’s net worth as well as his many business investments.

Both commercial investments and educational spending

Collen has a story that goes from squalor to wealth. He spent his childhood in the outlying regions of Venda and Limpopo. After that, he left for Johannesburg in the hope of finding better opportunities there. Collen landed his first job in a grocery store, where he was employed in the cleaning department.

While he was employed, he started putting money away in order to fund his education in Information and Technology at a college or university. Even though attending school and holding down a job at the same time was challenging for him, he did not give up. Collen received a degree in Information and Technology from the University of Johannesburg, where he studied for his whole academic career.

After receiving his degree, he began his career in the software industry by working for Microsoft and several other software companies for a number of years. Later, he went on to establish his own software company, AFRIBIZ Investments. Collen had no idea that he was going to become one of the wealthiest individuals in South Africa when he first started his company. He had no idea that he was going to excel in that line of business.

Collen Mashawana is a guy of numerous talents; in addition, he is the owner of multiple construction enterprises located across the nation. He exemplifies perseverance and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of securing the bag.

The successful entrepreneur is also the driving force behind the Collen Mashawana foundation, which was established with the intention of lowering the unemployment rate in Mzansi. Since he began his foundation in 2022, he has been successful in providing employment opportunities for more than one million young people. Because of his interest for young people, he is friends with Cyril Ramaposa, who is an exceptional teacher.

Net worth

According to current estimates, Collen Mashawana’s net worth is approximately R190 million as of the year 2022. The majority of his wealth comes from the software business he founded, AFRIBIZ Investments, as well as the construction businesses he founded. The wealthy businessman doesn’t brag about his wealth on social media, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t prosperous.

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