Kelly Khumalo takes Somizi’s money

Kelly Khumalo admitted that she is making use of the money that she has earned as a media personality. The repairs to Somizi Mhlongo‘s garage were a gift from her son Christian.

On the most recent episode of Life with Kelly Khumalo, which was broadcast on Showmax on August 23rd, the singer disciplined her son Christian by threatening to take his money – which he had received as a birthday gift from media personality Somizi Mhlongo – and use it to fix her garage, which the 12-year-old had damaged.


In the most recent episode of her reality show, Life with Kelly Khumalo, which aired on Showmax on August 23rd, the singer called out her son Christian for damaging her personal garage.

Kelly Khumalo takes Somizi’s money

Christian decided to take responsibility for closing the garage door and went to do so. Also, keep in mind that he is manually closing it. He’s not very tall. She went on to explain that “he pulled the garage, and in the process, he broke the garage.”

She went on to say that she will be using his money, which he received as a birthday gift from the media personality Somizi Mhlongo, to fix the garage. She said that this was something she would do.

“Are you aware that you’ve damaged the garage?” I am going to use the money you have given me to fix up my garage. She went on to say, “So, in addition to the other money that is being set aside for him, he also had money that was given to him by his uncle Somizi.”

“The next time I tell you not to do something, pay attention. You are not going to carry it out. She went on to say that all of your money would be used to fix up her garage.


So far in this season, Kelly has discussed the problems she’s been having with both of her “baby daddies.” The television host Jub Jub is a Christian, the same faith as the singer. She also has a son named Thingo who is eight years old with former soccer star Senzo Meyiwa.

Kelly has expressed her displeasure with Jub Jub’s Mother’s Day tribute to her and has asserted that her ex-husband has never made an effort to visit their son. On the other hand, Kelly has criticized Senzo’s family for using him as a “cash cow” and not loving him, which she believes is a violation of his human rights.

Jackie Phamotse brings up Somizi’s criminal record, which is another piece of news.

On the Showmax program titled “Somizi & Mohale: End of the Road,” the author Jackie Phamotse discussed the sexual assault case that was brought against Somizi Mhlongo in 2008.

On the Thursday, August 25th premiere of the documentary Somizi & Mohale: End of the Road on Showmax, author and social activist Jackie Phamotse shed light on media personality Somizi Mhlongo’s criminal record of a sexual nature.


Showmax is continuing to produce new content, despite the fact that many Tweeps are sick of hearing about Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung’s divorce. The show’s fifth season, titled Living the Dream with Somizi and Mohale: On the Record, devoted an episode to discussing the couple’s divorce. Showmax has gone one step further in this direction by producing a documentary about the couple titled Somizi and Mohale: End of the Road.

Jackie Phamotse brought up the media personality’s criminal record after a snippet of the infamous audio clips that were leaked by Sunday World was played. She stated that the Idols SA judge has a criminal history involving sexual offenses, whereas Mohale does not have such a history. Jackie continued by stating that, in her opinion, the Idols SA judge was unfair to Mohale.

Do you think it’s possible that he hit him? Yes. Mohale almost always had a look of melancholy on his face. “He has these sad eyes that make it appear as though he is there, but you can clearly see in his eyes that he is not,” she explained.

My thoughts prompted me to conduct research and background checks on the two of them. I was doing some research and came across some s.exually related criminal records that Somizi has. She went on to say, “And I looked at Mohale, and he does not have that.”

According to the Sowetan, the court found that the media personality had fondled Celani Njapha’s private parts in his Lonehill home in November 2007, after offering him a lift on Rivonia Road. The incident took place after the media personality had offered Njapha a ride.

The media personality was given the option of serving four months in jail or paying a fine of R6,000.

Twitter users have not lost track of this topic. Take a look…

Now, the same men who always say “let’s wait for the courts to decide” are saying that the sexual assault case against Somizi happened a long time ago. According to a tweet by @Nampree, “lol men will never ever want to take accountability.”

“The se.xual assault conviction that Somizi received is coming back to haunt him because the majority of us believed that he had won that case. Does anyone know if he was able to overturn his conviction through the appeals process? Because, if he doesn’t, he’s about to lose a lot of it,” wrote @JesseFJacobs on Twitter.

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