Kelly Khumalo spoils her mother

Kelly Khumalo threw her mother, Ntombi Khumalo, a lavish birthday celebration complete with picture shoots, elaborate decorations, and a pricey cake. Celebrities in Mzansi have made a practice of lavishly celebrating their parents’ birthdays.

That was evident on Shauwn Mhize’s birthday, when Andile and Sbahle Mpisane lavished her with gifts and a lavish cake. Kelly certainly did not let down her mother on her birthday, and it appeared that she was returning to the devoted family member she always was.

Kelly and her mother, Ntombi, have been at odds for a very long time. Indeed, nobody would choose to have such a strained connection with their mother or daughter. Despite the pressure that their convoluted relationship had on both of them, it looked like they were finally best friends. As they make up for the time they spent apart by hurting each other, their relationship is stronger than ever. Kelly surprised her mum with a photo shoot and a heartfelt letter for her birthday.

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Kelly and Zandi did something special for their mom on her birthday. The two daughters neglected to throw their mother a grand party for her birthday for many years due to the difficulties they encountered. They all chipped in for their mother’s lavish celebration, hiring everything from the venue’s decor to the food and the photography team. They splurged on costly wines and beers and rounded up all their family and friends to help them celebrate their mother’s birthday.

Ntombi was blown away by the outpouring of affection from her kids and other family members when she arrived at the location. The older lady who was born on October 10th spent the rest of the night celebrating and thanking God for another year of life.

A BLAST FROM THE PAST: Below is an article written a few years ago about: The disownment of Kelly Khumalo by her mother

IT READS: It would appear that Kelly Khumalo’s mother has rejected her because of her persistent questions about her paternity.

Kelly Khumalo, an Afro-pop star, supposedly has a bad reputation among her relatives.

In all likelihood, the Khumalo family has disowned her. Who is allegedly upset with her for trying to cause strife in the family.

This all started when the singer had a fight with her mother, Ntombifuthi Khumalo, and the two got quite physical. She has lost favor with her younger sister, Zandi Khumalo.

According to reliable sources, the Khumalos have broken ties with the Empini hitman.

She thought her mom would defend her against Zandi when they started fighting. Ntombifuthi, though, took no side.

Kelly insisted that her mother end all communication with Zandi, but her mother was adamantly opposed.

Kelly wasn’t happy about this and started intimidating Ntombifuthi in front of her children.

Furthermore, the mole said that this event occurred four months ago.

While Kelly was away, her mother took care of her children in Johannesburg. They said she was there to be on Kelly’s reality program.

Since the argument with Kelly’s mother had gotten so heated, Ntombifuthi had decided to move to KZN. Kelly’s reality show had to be cancelled because of this.

Kelly Khumalo’s mother allegedly had to be pleaded with before she would come back to Jozi.

This is another factor in the postponement of her reality show.

The Khumalos attempted to mediate the dispute between Zandi and Kelly but were unsuccessful.

Kelly’s stubborn refusal to return home is the main issue at hand. “She has isolated herself from her family because she is too much of a star,” the source said.

As a result of her arrogance, she has been rejected by her family.

According to a third party, Kelly and her sister’s relationship has deteriorated to the point where they no longer speak to one another. Apparently, neither of them has anything positive to say about the other and refuses to offer congratulations on their respective achievements.

Zandi’s song Akwanele won a Golden Award not too long ago, and Kelly was noticeably absent from the ceremony.

It was reported that she “didn’t even congratulate her own sister. Even though Kelly has an upcoming reality program, Zandi hasn’t offered her any congratulations.

The Sundaysun approached Ntombifuthi for comment, but she declined because she was afraid to speak out.

She hung up the phone after saying, “I would rather keep quiet.”

However, Kelly has refuted the accusations. This issue of who my biological father is has been a family taboo for years, and my mother finally left because she knew I needed to know the truth.

It’s not my place to tell my mom who to talk to or make her finally be the mother I needed all these years.

She explained that the lockdown, and not her mother, was to blame for the show’s delay.

Nothing about my mum or anyone else is essential to the success of my reality program. That’s why I don’t need her; she’s only a piece of the puzzle.

My mom also resides in the house where we film my reality show. If she doesn’t want to be involved in my family’s business, she’s free to leave. There’s no need for me to ask her,” Kelly declared.

She claimed she had been “disowned” because no one cared about her anymore.

The Khumalo family disowned me and I had no idea. This is brand new information to me. My grandparents, aunts, and uncles had all passed away, so I didn’t think there was anyone left who might not disown me.

Zandi, her older sister, rebutted, “It’s not true that we don’t care about Kelly. Unfortunately, we can’t change her mind if she truly believes it. I wasn’t invited to come on her show because we rarely communicated. Not in a very long time, no.

Richard Boorman, head of communication for Showmax, said,

Since the show is currently in the editing process, it’s hard to provide specific comments at this time.

I can confirm, however, that Kelly’s mother appears in multiple episodes, and that preparations are in place for the show’s premiere on Showmax on August 6. Afterward, viewers will have their burning questions resolved.

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