Kelly Khumalo sets the record straight

After Kelly Khumalo called Wanda Baloyi out for opening up about their fallout, the two of them have become popular topics of conversation. After Mzansi became aware of the disagreement between vocalist Kelly Khumalo and her closest friend Wanda Baloyi, they have been the subject of a variety of news stories as of late.

It comes as a surprise given that both parties have consistently worked for their aims. When Khumalo accused Wanda of being “selfish and self-centred,” the cat was let out of the bag. The two of them went on a holiday to the Vaal in the most recent episode of Kelly Khumalo’s hit reality show, Life With Kelly, but the break turned out to be unpleasant.

Kelly Khumalo sets the record straight

It has been said that Wanda was resentful and felt that Kelly did not give her the necessary attention that she required because Kelly has always been absent-minded. This has been reported. There is scant evidence to suggest that the two got into a fight.

The word on the street is that Wanda wanted to catch up with everyone before she left for Mozambique, but Kelly was also the one who was going through the most at the time. This information comes from the rumor mill.

Kelly Khumalo lashes out at her longtime closest friend Wanda Baloyi and discloses the factors that led to their falling out.

In the midst of everything going on, the two of them engaged in a verbal exchange, and Wanda lashed out at Kelly for not giving her her complete attention. It is well knowledge that she experienced disrespect at the hands of Wanda. She admitted that she had been drinking too much and would be absent. Even the wise rivers received her gratitude because she knew that if she didn’t, all hell was going to burst free.

“I am furious, and I thank God that I had a little drink because if I had been sober, I was going to just break that place into pieces and the people who were in it, I am not going to lie to you about that,” she said. “I am not going to lie to you about that.” When Wanda is in need of my assistance, she gets it from me. She told me that she was feeling emotional in a message that she sent to me while I was doing my nails.

I did not make an effort to discover what was taking place. I inquired as to her whereabouts to her. I always tell her that we should have dinner at my house whenever she is both exhausted and upset. This is me doing something outside of my own personal demons that I am fighting on a daily basis and that nobody cares about in order to help her.

Kelly has expressed her opinion that Wanda is rude. She then proceeded to tell that her objective was to make her look foolish and cause her additional problems.

“I had been awake all night, and when I finally woke up in the morning, I found out that Wanda had been stumbling around the house, spilling wine.” At this point, I don’t even want to talk to Wanda since I am so angry at her. She is self-absorbed and focused on herself. Get the hell away from me, Wanda. I hope that I never have to hear another word about her again. Even the clothes of mine that I left at her house, which she is free to burn if she so chooses, I do not want. “I want nothing to do with her,” she said. “I have no business with her.”

In other news, Zandie and Kelly Khumalo have shown that they are standing together in the wake of Tumelo’s evidence.

On multiple occasions, Kelly and Zandie have shown the public that they are a united front. Most recently, this occurred at the christening event for Zandie’s son, Zenala.

The major rift that exists between singers Kelly Khumalo and Zandie Khumalo Gumede is well-documented; however, the reason why the two sisters were not getting along has never been made entirely clear. Kelly Khumalo and Zandie Khumalo Gumede are sisters.

People are sure that they now know the real reason why the fight occurred as a result of recent testimony provided by Tumelo Madlala, who was a friend of the late Senzo Meyiwa. After he had told the judge that Zandie and Senzo were having an affair behind Kelly and Longwe’s backs, he was sentenced to this.

Despite this, the two sisters have shown that they are able to work together on a number of occasions, the most recent of which being during the baptism event for Zenala, Zandie’s son.

On Zandie’s Instagram account, she posted pictures of herself, her son, and her sister, and the three of them were all beaming with happiness.

The pictures were taken after Zandie appeared on an episode of Kelly’s reality show on Showmax called Life With Kelly Khumalo. In that episode, the two of them reconciled with the assistance of Kelly’s counselor.

According to Showmax, their dispute became a topic of conversation in the public a few years ago after Zandie issued an announcement on social media stating that she was “divorcing” Kelly. They had stopped communicating with one another and were no longer a part of the other’s lives.

In earlier episodes of the most recent season of her show, Kelly admitted that she found out about her sister’s pregnancy through the media. She also stated that it hurt her feelings that she was unable to spend more time with her nephew because of her sister’s pregnancy.

During an interview with Showmax, Zandie revealed that she and her sister had already begun the process of mending their connection prior to seeking the assistance of a professional, and she stated that she found it difficult to participate in therapy sessions.

“I was completely at a loss for words as to how to respond. She added, “I guess the aspect of therapy that made me uneasy was the fact that we were working together.”

“No matter what the outcome is, we had better have everything figured out by the time we left the room.” She continued by saying, “It’s been a heavy load to carry all these time,” while explaining why she decided to seek help from a therapist.

“If there is one thing that I can say with absolute certainty about my family, it is that we are not the kind of people who harbor resentment for an extended period of time, and I acquired that trait from my mother. Zandie came to the conclusion that “you can upset my mother now, but two minutes later it will be gone, and we will be over it.”

After her shocking interview with eNCA, in which she alleged that Senzo had brought his buddies to Johannesburg with the goal of initiating lobola talks for Kelly, these events have taken place.

None of the sisters has addressed the allegations that were raised in Tumelo’s testimony in a public forum.

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